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book and ruling rod, vein of my vergin page, her chastener ever1
I did learn my little ana countrymouse in alphabeater cameltem-2
per, from alderbirk to tannenyou, with myraw rattan atter dun-3
drum; ooah, oyir, oyir, oyir: and I did spread before my Livvy,4
where Lord street lolls and ladies linger and Cammomile Pass5
cuts Primrose Rise and Coney Bend bounds Mulbreys Island but6
never a blid had bledded or bludded since long agore when the7
whole blighty acre was bladey well pessovered, my selvage mats8
of lecheworked lawn, my carpet gardens of Guerdon City, with9
chopes pyramidous and mousselimes and beaconphires and colos-10
sets and pensilled turisses for the busspleaches of the summira-11
mies and esplanadas and statuesques and templeogues, the Par-12
donell of Maynooth, Fra Teobaldo, Nielsen, rare admirable, Jean13
de Porteleau, Conall Gretecloke, Guglielmus Caulis and the eiligh14
ediculous Passivucant (glorietta's inexcellsiored!): for irkdays15
and for folliedays till the comple anniums of calendarias, gregoro-16
maios and gypsyjuliennes as such are pleased of theirs to walk:17
and I planted for my own hot lisbing lass a quickset vineyard and18
I fenced it about with huge Chesterfield elms and Kentish hops19
and rigs of barlow and bowery nooks and greenwished villas20
and pampos animos and (N.I.) necessitades iglesias and pons for21
aguaducks: a hawthorndene, a feyrieglenn, the hallaw vall, the22
dyrchace, Finmark's Howe, against lickybudmonth and gleaner-23
month with a magicscene wall (rimrim! rimrim!) for a Queen's24
garden of her phoenix: and (hush! hush!) I brewed for my alpine25
plurabelle, wigwarming wench, (speakeasy!) my granvilled brand-26
old Dublin lindub, the free, the froh, the frothy freshener, puss,27
puss, pussyfoot, to split the spleen of her maw: and I laid down28
before the trotters to my eblanite my stony battered waggon-29
ways, my nordsoud circulums, my eastmoreland and westland-30
more, running boullowards and syddenly parading, (hearsemen,31
opslo! nuptiallers, get storting!): whereon, in mantram of true-32
men like yahoomen (expect till dutc cundoctor summoneth him33
all fahrts to pay, velkommen all hankinhunkn in this vongn of34
Hoseyeh!), claudesdales withe arabinstreeds, Roamer Reich's35
rickyshaws with Hispain's King's trompateers, madridden mus-36