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he was never too oft for old Sarum): terminals four my staties1
were, the Geenar, the Greasouwea, the Debwickweck, the Mif-2
greawis. And I sept up twinminsters, the pro and the con, my3
stavekirks wove so norcely of peeled wands and attachatouchy4
floodmud, now all loosebrick and stonefest, freely masoned5
arked for covennanters and shinners' rifuge: descent from above6
on us, Hagiasofia of Astralia, our orisons thy nave and absedes,7
our aeone tone aeones thy studvaast vault; Hams, circuitise!8
Shemites, retrace!: horns, hush! no barkeys! hereround is't9
holied!: all truanttrulls made I comepull, all rubbeling gnomes10
I pushed, gowgow: Cassels, Redmond, Gandon, Deane, Shep-11
perd, Smyth, Neville, Heaton, Stoney, Foley, Farrell, Vnost with12
Thorneycroft and Hogan too: sprids serve me! gobelins guard!:13
tect my tileries (O tribes! O gentes!), keep my keep, the peace14
of my four great ways: oathiose infernals to Booth Salvation,15
arcane celestials to Sweatenburgs Welhell!! My seven wynds I16
trailed to maze her and ever a wynd had saving closes and all these17
closes flagged with the gust, hoops for her, hatsoff for him and18
ruffles through Neeblow's garding: and that was why Blabus was19
razing his wall and eltering the suzannes of his nighboors: and20
thirdly, for ewigs, I did reform and restore for my smuggy21
piggiesknees, my sweet coolocked, my auburn coyquailing one,22
her paddypalace on the crossknoll with massgo bell, sixton23
clashcloshant, duominous and muezzatinties to commind the fit-24
ful: doom adimdim adoom adimadim: and the oragel of the lauds25
to tellforth's glory: and added thereunto a shallow laver to slub26
out her hellfire and posied windows for her oriel house: gospelly27
pewmillieu, christous pewmillieu: zackbutts babazounded, ollguns28
tararulled: and she sass her nach, chillybombom and forty bon-29
nets, upon the altarstane. May all have mossyhonours!30
          Hoke! 31
          Hoke! 32
          Hoke! 33
          Hoke! 34
          And wholehail, snaeffell, dreardrizzle or sleetshowers of bless- 35
ing, where it froze in chalix eller swum in the vestry, with fairskin36