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interloopings, fell clocksure off my ballast: in our windtor palast1
it vampared for elenders, we lubded Sur Gudd for the sleep and2
the ghoasts: she chauffed her fuesies at my Wigan's jewels while3
she skalded her mermeries on my Snorryson's Sagos: in pay-4
cook's thronsaale she domineered, lecking icies off the dormer5
panes all admired her in camises: on Rideau Row Duanna dwells,6
you merk well what you see: let wellth were I our pantocreator7
would theirs be tights for the gods: in littleritt reddinghats and8
cindery yellows and tinsel and glitter and bibs under hoods: I9
made nusance of many well pressed champdamors and peddled10
freely in the scrub: I foredreamed for thee and more than full-11
maked: I prevened for thee in the haunts that joybelled frail light-12
a-leaves for sturdy traemen: pelves ad hombres sumus: I said to13
the shiftless prostitute; let me be your fodder; and to rodies and14
prater brothers; Chau, Camerade!: evangel of good tidings, om-15
nient as the Healer's word, for the lost, loathsome and whomso-16
ever will: who, in regimentation through liberal donation in co-17
ordination for organisation of their installation and augmenta-18
tion plus some annexation and amplification without precipita-19
tion towards the culmination in latification of what was formerly20
their utter privation, competence, cheerfulness, usefulness and21
the meed, shall, in their second adams, all be made alive: my tow22
tugs steered down canal grand, my lighters lay longside on23
Regalia Water. And I built in Urbs in Rure, for minne elskede,24
my shiny brows, under astrolobe from my upservatory, an erd-25
closet with showne ejector wherewithin to be squatquit in most26
covenience from her sabbath needs, when open noise should27
stilled be: did not I festfix with mortarboard my unniversiries,28
wholly rational and gottalike, sophister agen sorefister, life sizars29
all?: was I not rosetted on two stellas of little egypt? had not I30
rockcut readers, hieros, gregos and democriticos?: triscastellated,31
bimedallised: and by my sevendialled changing charties Hiberns-32
ka Ulitzas made not I to pass through twelve Threadneedles and33
Newgade and Vicus Veneris to cooinsight?: my camels' walk,34
kolossa kolossa! no porte sublimer benared my ghates: Oi polled35
ye many but my fews were chousen (Voter, voter, early voter,36