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Danabrog (Cunnig's great! Soll leve! Soll leve!): with mare's1
greese cressets at Leonard's and Dunphy's and Madonna lan-2
thorns before quintacasas and tallonkindles spearhead syngeing3
nickendbookers and mhutton lightburnes dipdippingdownes in4
blackholes, the tapers of the topers and his buntingpall at hoist:5
for days there was no night for nights were days and our folk had6
rest from Blackheathen and the pagans from the prince of pacis:7
what was trembling sod quaked no more, what were frozen loins8
were stirred and lived: gone the septuor, dark deadly dismal dole-9
ful desolate dreadful desperate, no more the tolvmaans, bloody10
gloomy hideous fearful furious alarming terrible mournful11
sorrowful frightful appalling: peace, perfect peace: and I hung up12
at Yule my duindleeng lunas, helphelped of Kettil Flashnose, for13
the souperhore of my frigid one, coloumba mea, frimosa mea, in14
Wastewindy tarred strate and Elgin's marble halles lamping15
limp from black to block, through all Livania's volted ampire,16
from anodes to cathodes and from the topazolites of Mourne,17
Wykinloeflare, by Arklow's sapphire siomen's lure and Wexter-18
ford's hook and crook lights to the polders of Hy Kinsella:19
avenyue ceen my peurls ahumming, the crown to my estuarine20
munipicence?: three firths of the sea I swept with draughtness21
and all ennempties I bottled em up in bellomport: when I stab-22
marooned jack and maturin I was a bad boy's bogey but it was23
when I went on to sankt piotersbarq that they gave my devil his24
dues: what is seizer can hack in the old wold a sawyer may hew25
in the green: on the island of Breasil the wildth of me perished26
and I took my plowshure sadly, feeling pity for me sored: where27
bold O'Connee weds on Alta Mahar, the tawny sprawling beside28
that silver burn, I sate me and settled with the little crither of my29
hearth: her intellects I charmed with I calle them utile thoughts,30
her turlyhyde I plumped with potatums for amiens pease in31
plenty: my biblous beadells shewed her triumphs of craftygild32
pageantries, loftust Adam, duffed our cousterclother, Conn and33
Owel with cortoppled baskib, Sire Noeh Guinnass, exposant of34
his bargeness and Lord Joe Starr to hump the body of the camell:35
I screwed the Emperor down with ninepins gaelic with sixpenny-36