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bulls!): from Livland, hoks zivios, from Lettland, skall vives!1
With Impress of Asias and Queen Columbia for her pairanymphs2
and the singing sands for herbrides' music: goosegaze annoynted3
uns, canailles canzoned and me to she her shyblumes lifted: and4
I pudd a name and wedlock boltoned round her the which to5
carry till her grave, my durdin dearly, Appia Lippia Pluviabilla,6
whiles I herr lifer amstell and been: I chained her chastemate to7
grippe fiuming snugglers, her chambrett I bestank so to spunish8
furiosos: I was her hochsized, her cleavunto, her everest, she was9
my annie, my lauralad, my pisoved: who cut her ribbons when10
nought my prowes? who expoused that havenliness to beacha-11
lured ankerrides when not I, freipforter?: in trinity huts they12
met my dame, pick of their poke for me: when I foregather 'twas13
my sumbad, if I farseeker itch my list: had I not workit in my14
cattagut with dogshunds' crotts to clene and had I not gifted15
of my coataways, constantonoble's aim: and, fortiffed by my16
right as man of capitol, I did umgyrdle her about, my vermin-17
celly vinagerette, with all loving kindness as far as in man's18
might it lay and enfranchised her to liberties of fringes: and I19
gave until my lilienyounger turkeythighs soft goods and hard-20
ware (catalogue, passim) and ladderproof hosiery lines (see21
stockinger's raiment), cocquette coiffs (see Agnes' hats) and22
peningsworths of the best taste of knaggs of jets and silvered23
waterroses and geegaws of my pretty novelties and wispywaspy24
frocks of redferns and lauralworths, trancepearances such as25
women cattle bare and peltries piled, the peak of Pim's and26
Slyne's and Sparrow's, loomends day lumineused luxories on27
looks, La Primamère, Pyrrha Pyrrhine, Or de Reinebeau, Sourire28
d'Hiver and a crinoline, wide a shire, and pattens for her trilibies29
that know she might the tortuours of the boots and bedes of30
wampun with to toy and a murcery glaze of shard to mirrow, for31
all daintiness by me and theetime, the cupandnaggin hour: and32
I wound around my swanchen's neckplace a school of shells of33
moyles marine to swing their saysangs in her silents: and, upping34
her at king's count, her aldritch cry oloss unheading, what35
though exceeding bitter, I pierced her beak with order of the36