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storied semidetached but rarely pay tradesmen, went security1
for friend who absconded, shares same closet with fourteen simi-2
lar cottages and an illfamed lodginghouse, more respectable than3
some, teawidow pension but held to purchase, inherited silk hat4
from father-in-law, head of domestic economy never mentioned,5
queery how they live, reputed to procure, last four occupants6
carried out, mental companionship with mates only, respecta-7
bility unsuccessfully aimed at, copious holes emitting mice, de-8
coration from Uganda chief in locked ivory casket, grandmother9
has advanced alcoholic amblyopia, the terror of Goodmen's10
Field, and respected and respectable, as respectable as respec-11
table can respectably be, though their orable amission were the12
herrors I could have expected, all, let them all come, they are my13
villeins, with chartularies I have talledged them. Wherfor I will and14
firmly command, as I willed and firmly commanded, upon my15
royal word and cause the great seal now to be affixed, that from16
the farthest of the farther of their fathers to their children's chil-17
dren's children they do inhabit it and hold it for me unencum-18
bered and my heirs, firmly and quietly, amply and honestly,19
and with all the liberties and free customs which the men of Tol-20
bris, a city of Tolbris, have at Tolbris, in the county of their city21
and through whole my land. Hereto my vouchers, knive and22
snuffbuchs. Fee for farm. Enwreak us wrecks.23
    Struggling forlongs I have livramentoed, milles on milles of 24
mancipelles. Lo, I have looked upon my pumpadears in their25
easancies and my drummers have tattled tall tales of me in the land:26
in morgenattics litt I hope, in seralcellars louched I bleakmealers:27
on my siege of my mighty I was parciful of my subject but in street28
wauks that are darkest I debelledem superb: I deemed the drugtails29
in my pettycourts and domstered dustyfeets in my husinclose: at30
Guy's they were swathed, at Foulke's slashed, the game for a31
Gomez, the loy for a lynch: if I was magmonimoss as staidy lavgiver32
I revolucanized by my eructions: the hye and bye wayseeds I33
scattered em, in my graben fields sew sowage I gathered em: in34
Sheridan's Circle my wits repose, in black pitts of the pestered35
Lenfant he is dummed. (Hearts of Oak, may ye root to piece!36