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cheeks kissed at levee by late marquess of Zetland, sharing closet1
which is profusely written over with eleven other subscribers,2
once respectable, open hallway pungent of Baltic dishes, bangs3
kept woman's head against wall thereby disturbing neighbours,4
private chapel occupies return landing, removal every other5
quarter day, case one of peculiar hopelessness, most respectable,6
nightsoil has to be removed through snoring household, eccen-7
tric naval officer not quite steady enjoys weekly churchwarden8
and laugh while reading foreign pictorials on clumpstump before9
door, known as the trap, widow rheumatic and chars, haunted,10
condemned and execrated, of dubious respectability, tools too11
costly pledged or uninsured, reformed philanthropist whenever12
feasible takes advantage of unfortunates against dilapidating13
ashpits, serious student is eating his last dinners, floor dangerous14
for unaccompanied old clergymen, thoroughly respectable, many15
uncut pious books in evidence, nearest watertap two hundred16
yards' run away, fowl and bottled gooseberry frequently on17
table, man has not had boots off for twelve months, infant being18
taught to hammer flat piano, outwardly respectable, sometimes19
hears from titled connection, one foot of dust between banister20
and cracked wall, wife cleans stools, eminently respectable, otta-21
wark and regular loafer, should be operated would she consent,22
deplorable rent in roof, claret cellar cobwebbed since the ponti-23
ficate of Leo, wears drill trousers and collects rare buddhas,24
underages very treacly and verminous have to be separated, sits25
up with fevercases for one and threepence, owns two terraces26
(back to back breeze), respectable in every way, harmless im-27
becile supposingly weakminded, a sausage every Sunday, has a28
staff of eight servants, outlook marred by ne'er-do-wells using29
the laneway, lieabed sons go out with sisters immediately after30
dark, has never seen the sea, travels always with her eleven31
trunks of clothing, starving cat left in disgust, the pink of re-32
spectability, resting after colonial service, labours at plant, the33
despair of his many benefactresses, calories exclusively from34
Rowntrees and dumplings, one bar of sunlight does them all35
january and half february, the V. de V's (animal diet) live in five-36