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the ballwearied and then, doubling megalopolitan poleetness,1
my great great greatest of these charities, devaleurised the base2
fellows for the curtailment of their lower man: with a slog to3
square leg I sent my boundary to Botany Bay and I ran up a4
score and four of mes while the Yanks were huckling the Em-5
pire: I have been reciping om omominous letters and widely-6
signed petitions full of pieces of pottery about my monumental-7
ness as a thingabolls and I have been inchanting causeries to the8
feshest cheoilboys so that they are allcalling on me for the song9
of a birtch: the more secretely bi built, the more openly palas-10
tered. Attent! Couch hear! I have becket my vonderbilt hutch11
in sunsmidnought and at morningrise was encampassed of12
mushroofs. Rest and bethinkful, with licence, thanks. I con-13
sidered the lilies on the veldt and unto Balkis did I disclothe14
mine glory. And this. This missy, my taughters, and these man,15
my son, from my fief of the villa of the Ostmanorum to Thor-16
stan's, recte Thomars Sraid, and from Huggin Pleaze to William17
Inglis his house, that man de Loundres, in all their barony of18
Saltus, bonders and foeburghers, helots and zelots, strutting oges19
and swaggering macks, the darsy jeamses, the drury joneses,20
redmaids and bleucotts, in hommage all and felony, all who have21
received tickets, fair home overcrowded, tidy but very little22
furniture, respectable, whole family attends daily mass and is23
dead sick of bread and butter, sometime in the militia, mentally24
strained from reading work on German physics, shares closet25
with eight other dwellings, more than respectable, getting com-26
fortable parish relief, wageearner freshly shaven from prison,27
highly respectable, planning new departure in Mountgomery28
cyclefinishing, eldest son will not serve but peruses Big-man-up-29
in-the-Sky scraps, anoopanadoon lacking backway, quasi respec-30
table, pays ragman in bones for faded windowcurtains, staircase31
continually lit up with guests, particularly respectable, house32
lost in dirt and blocked with refuse, getting on like Roe's dis-33
tillery on fire, slovenly wife active with the jug, in business for34
himself, has a tenth illegitimate coming, partly respectable,35
following correspondence courses, chucked work over row, both36