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berries from the pletoras of the Irish shou. I heard my liberti-2
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hurusalaming before Wailingtone's Wall: I richmounded the4
rainelag in my bathtub of roundwood and conveyed it with5
cheers and cables, roaring mighty shouts, through my longer-6
tubes of elm: out of fundness for the outozone I carried them7
amd curried them in my Putzemdown cars to my Kommeandine8
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pay in caabman's sheltar tot the ites like you corss the tees.14
Wherefore watch ye well! For, while I oplooked the first of15
Janus's straight, I downsaw the last of Christmas steps: syndic16
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Forum Foster I demosthrenated my folksfiendship, enmy pupuls18
felt my burk was no worse than their brite: Sapphrageta and19
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Fletcher-Flemmings, elisaboth, how interquackeringly they ro-23
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memdes to leursieuresponsor: and who in hillsaide, don't you25
let flyfire till you see their whites of the bunkers' eyes! Mr An-26
swers: Brimgem young, bringem young, bringem young!: in27
my bethel of Solyman's I accouched their rotundaties and I turn-28
keyed most insultantly over raped lutetias in the lock: I gave bax29
of biscums to the jacobeaters and pottage bakes to the esausted;30
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chauk: I jaunted on my jingelbrett rapt in neckloth and sashes,34
and I beggered about the amnibushes like belly in a bowle. In35
the humanity of my heart I sent out heyweywomen to refresh36