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Seven ills so barely as centripunts havd I habt, seaventy seavens1
for circumference inkeptive are your hill prospect. Braid Black-2
fordrock, the Calton, the Liberton, Craig and Lockhart's, A.3
Costofino, R. Thursitt. The chort of Nicholas Within was my4
guide and I raised a dome on the wherewithouts of Michan: by5
awful tors my wellworth building sprang sky spearing spires,6
cloud cupoled campaniles: further this. By fineounce and im-7
posts I got and grew and by grossscruple gat I grown outreaches-8
ly: murage and lestage were my mains for Ouerlord's tithing9
and my drains for render and prender the doles and the tribute:10
I was merely out of my mint with all the percussors on my11
braincap till I struck for myself and muched morely by token: to12
Sirrherr of Gambleden ruddy money, to Madame of Pitymount13
I loue yous. Paybads floriners moved in hugheknots against us and14
I matt them, pepst to papst, barthelemew: milreys (mark!) on-15
fell, and (Luc!) I arose Daniel in Leonden. Bulafests onvied me,16
Corkcuttas graatched. Atabey! I braved Brien Berueme to berow17
him against the Loughlins, all her tolkies shraking: Fugabollags!18
Lusqu'au bout! If they had ire back of eyeball they got danage19
on front tooth: theres were revelries at ridottos, here was rivalry20
in redoubt: I wegschicked Duke Wellinghof to reshockle Roy21
Shackleton: Walhalloo, Walhalloo, Walhalloo, mourn in plein!22
Under law's marshall and warschouw did I thole till lead's23
plumbate, ping on pang, reliefed me. I made praharfeast upon24
acorpolous and fastbroke down in Neederthorpe. I let faireviews25
in on slobodens but ranked rothgardes round wrathmindsers: I26
bathandbaddend on mendicity and I corocured off the unoculated.27
Who can tell their tale whom I filled ad liptum on the plain of28
Soulsbury? With three hunkered peepers and twa and twas!29
For sleeking beauties I spinned their nightinveils, to slumbred30
beast I tummed the thief air. Round the musky moved a mur-31
mel but mewses whinninaird and belluas zoomed: tendulcis32
tunes like water parted fluted up from the westinders while from33
gorges in the east came the strife of ourangoontangues. All in34
my thicville Escuterre ofen was thorough fear but in the meck-35
ling of my burgh Belvaros was the site forbed: tuberclerosies I36