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toothed dragon worms with allsort serpents, has compolitely1
seceded from this landleague of many nations and open and2
notorious naughty livers are found not on our rolls. This seat of3
our city it is of all sides pleasant, comfortable and wholesome.4
If you would traverse hills, they are not far off. If champain land,5
it lieth of all parts. If you would be delited with fresh water, the6
famous river, called of Ptolemy the Libnia Labia, runneth fast7
by. If you will take the view of the sea, it is at hand. Give heed!8
          Do Drumcollogher whatever you do! 9
          Visitez Drumcollogher-la-Belle! 10
          Be suke ad sie so ersed Drumcollogher! 11
          Vedi Drumcollogher e poi Moonis. 12
          Things are not as they were. Let me briefly survey. Pro clam 13
a shun! Pip! Peep! Pipitch! Ubipop jay piped, ibipep goes the14
whistle. Here Tyeburn throttled, massed murmars march: where15
the bus stops there shop I: here which ye see, yea reste. On me,16
your sleeping giant. Estoesto! Estote sunto! From the hold of17
my capt in altitude till the mortification that's my fate. The end18
of aldest mosest ist the beginning of all thisorder so the last of19
their hansbailis shall the first in our sheriffsby. New highs for20
all! Redu Negru may be black in tawn but under them lintels21
are staying my horneymen meet each his mansiemagd. For peers22
and gints, quaysirs and galleyliers, fresk letties from the say and23
stale headygabblers, gaingangers and dudder wagoners, pullars24
off societies and pushers on rothmere's homes. Obeyance from25
the townsmen spills felixity by the toun. Our bourse and politico-26
ecomedy are in safe with good Jock Shepherd, our lives are on27
sure in sorting with Jonathans, wild and great. Been so free!28
Thank you, besters! Hattentats have mindered. Blaublaze devil-29
bobs have gone from the mode and hairtrigger nicks are quite30
out of time now. Thuggeries are reere as glovars' metins, lepers31
lack, ignerants show beneath suspicion like the bitterhalves of32
esculapuloids. In midday's mallsight let Miledd discurverself.33
Me ludd in her hide park seek Minuinette. All is waldy bonums.34
Blownose aerios we luft to you! Firebugs, good blazes! Lubbers,35
kepp your poudies drier! Seamen, we segn your skivs and wives!36