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Chistayas by Roderick's our mostmonolith, after my both ears-1
toear and brebreeches buybibles and, minhatton, testify to my2
unclothed virtue by the longstone erectheion of our allfirst man-3
here. I should tell you that honestly, on my honour of a Near-4
wicked, I always think in a wordworth's of that primed favou-5
rite continental poet, Daunty, Gouty and Shopkeeper, A. G.,6
whom the generality admoyers in this that is and that this is to7
come. Like as my palmer's past policy I have had my best mas-8
ter's lessons, as the public he knows, and do you know, home-9
sters, I honestly think, if I have failed lamentably by accident10
benefits though shintoed, spitefired, perplagued and cram-11
krieged, I am doing my dids bits and have made of my prudentials12
good. I have been told I own stolemines or something of that13
sorth in the sooth of Spainien. Hohohoho! Have I said ogso how14
I abhor myself vastly (truth to tell) and do repent to my nether-15
heart of suntry clothing? The amusin part is, I will say, hotel-16
men, that since I, over the deep drowner Athacleeath to seek17
again Irrlanding, shamed in mind, with three plunges of my18
ruddertail, yet not a bottlenim, vanced imperial standard by19
weaponright and platzed mine residenze, taking bourd and20
burgage under starrymisty and ran and operated my brixtol selec-21
tion here at thollstall, for mean straits male with evorage fimmel,22
in commune soccage among strange and enemy, among these23
plotlets, in Poplinstown, alore Fort Dunlip, then-on-sea, hole24
of Serbonian bog, now city of magnificent distances, good-25
walldabout, with talus and counterscarp and pale of palisades,26
upon martiell siegewin, with Abbot Warre to blesse, on yon27
slauchterday of cleantarriffs, in that year which I have called28
myriabellous, and overdrave these marken (the soord on Whence-29
hislaws was mine and mine the prusshing stock of Allbrecht30
the Bearn), under patroonshaap of our good kingsinnturns,31
T. R. H. Urban First and Champaign Chollyman and Hungry32
the Loaved and Hangry the Hathed, here where my tenenure of33
office and my toils of domestication first began, with weight of34
woman my skat and skuld but Flukie of the Ravens as my sure35
piloter, famine with Englisch sweat and oppedemics, the two-36