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mens in gladshouses they shad not peggot stones. The elephant's1
house is his castle. I am here to tell you, indeed to goodness, that,2
allbe I discountenanced beallpersuasions, in rinunciniation of3
pomps of heretofore, with a wax too held in hand, I am thorgt-4
fulldt to do dope me of her miscisprinks and by virchow of those5
filthered Ovocnas presently like Browne umbracing Christina6
Anya, after the Irishers, to convert me into a selt (but first I must7
proxy babetise my old antenaughties), when, as Sigismond Stol-8
terforth, with Rabbin Robroost for my auspicer and Leecher9
Rutty for my lifearst and Lorencz Pattorn (Ehren til viktrae!),10
when I will westerneyes those poor sunuppers and outbreighten11
their land's eng. A man should stump up and I will pay my12
pretty decent trade price for my glueglue gluecose, peebles,13
were it even, as this is, the legal eric for infelicitous conduict (here14
incloths placefined my pocketanchoredcheck) and, as a matter of15
fact, I undertake to discontinue entyrely all practices and I deny16
wholeswiping in toto at my own request in all stoytness to have17
confermentated and confoederated and agreed in times prebellic,18
when here were waders for the trainsfolk, as it is now nuggently19
laid to me, with a friend from mine, Mr Billups, pulleter, my20
quarterbrother, who sometimes he is doing my locum for me21
on a grubstake and whom I have cleped constoutuent, for so it22
was felt by me, at goodbuy cootcoops byusucapiture a mouth-23
less niggeress, Blanchette Brewster from Cherna Djamja, Blaw-24
lawnd-via-Brigstow, or to illsell my fourth part in her, which al-25
though allowed of in Deuterogamy as in several places of Scrip-26
ture (copyright) and excluded books (they should quite rightly27
verbanned be), would seem eggseggs excessively haroween to28
my feelimbs for two punt scotch, one pollard and a crockard or29
three pipples on the bitch. Thou, Frick's Flame, Uden Sulfer,30
who strikest only on the marryd bokks, enquick me if so be I31
did cophetuise milady's maid! In spect of her beavers she is a32
womanly and sacret. Such wear a frillick for my comic strip,33
Mons Meg's Monthly, comes out aich Fanagan's Weck, to bray34
at by clownsillies in Donkeybrook Fair. It would lackin mackin35
Hodder's and Cocker's erithmatic. The unpurdonable preemp-36