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spirit, called Sebastion, from the Rivera in Januero, (he is not1
all hear) may fernspreak shortly with messuages from my dead-2
ported. Let us cheer him up a little and make an appunkment for3
a future date. Hello, Commudicate! How's the buttes? Ever-4
scepistic! He does not believe in our psychous of the Real Ab-5
sence, neither miracle wheat nor soulsurgery of P. P. Quemby.6
He has had some indiejestings, poor thing, for quite a little while,7
confused by his tonguer of baubble. A way with him! Poor Felix8
Culapert! Ring his mind, ye staples, (bonze!) in my ould reeke-9
ries' ballyheart and in my krumlin and in aroundisements and10
stremmis! Sacks eleathury! Sacks eleathury! Bam! I deplore over11
him ruely. Mongrieff! O Hone! Guestermed with the nobelities,12
to die bronxitic in achershous! So enjoying of old thick whiles,13
in haute white toff's hoyt of our formed reflections, with stock14
of eisen all his prop, so buckely hosiered from the Royal Leg,15
and his puertos mugnum, he would puffout a dhymful bock.16
And the how he would husband her that verikerfully, his cigare17
divane! (He would redden her with his vestas, but 'tis naught.)18
With us his nephos and his neberls, mest incensed and befogged19
by him and his smoke thereof. But he shall have his glad stein of20
our zober beerbest in Oscarshal's winetavern. Buen retiro! The21
boyce voyce is still flautish and his mounth still wears that22
soldier's scarlet though the flaxafloyeds are peppered with salse-23
dine. It is bycause of what he was ascend into his prisonce on24
account off. I whit it wel. Hence his deepraised words. Some day25
I may tell of his second storey. Mood! Mood! It looks like some-26
one other bearing my burdens. I cannot let it. Kanes nought.27
    Well, yeamen, I have bared my whole past, I flatter myself, 28
on both sides. Give me even two months by laxlaw in second29
division and my first broadcloth is business will be to protest to30
Recorder at Thing of all Things, or court of Skivinis, with mar-31
chants grey, antient and credibel, Zerobubble Barrentone, Jonah32
Whalley, Determined Codde or Cucumber Upright, my jurats,33
if it does not occur again. O rhyme us! Haar Faagher, wild heart34
in Homelan; Harrod's be the naun. Mine kinder come, mine35
wohl be won. There is nothing like leuther. O Shee! And nosty36