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jackadandyline! Let me never see his waddphez again! And mine1
it was, Barktholed von Hunarig, Soesown of Furrows (hour- 2
springlike his joussture, immitiate my chry! as urs now, so yous 3
then!), when to our lot it fell on my poplar Sexsex, my Sexen- 4
centaurnary, whenby Gate of Hal, before his hostel of the Wodin5
Man, I hestened to freeholdit op to his Mam his Maman, Majus-6
cules, His Magnus Maggerstick, first city's leasekuays of this7
Nova Tara, our most noble, when hrossbucked on his pricelist8
charger, Pferdinamd Allibuster (yeddonot need light oar till9
Noreway for you fanned one o'er every doorway) with my all-10
bum's greethims through this whole of my promises, handshakey11
congrandyoulikethems, ecclesency.12
    Whosaw the jackery dares at handgripper thisa breast? Dose 13
makkers ginger. Some one we was with us all fours. Adversarian!14
The spiking Duyvil! First liar in Londsend! Wulv! See you scar-15
gore on that skeepsbrow! And those meisies! Sulken taarts! Man16
sicker at I ere bluffet konservative? Shucks! Such ratshause bugs-17
mess so I cannot barely conceive of! Lowest basemeant in hystry!18
Ibscenest nansence! Noksagt! Per Peeler and Pawr! The broker-19
heartened shugon! Hole affair is rotten muckswinish porcupig's20
draff. Enouch!21
          Is that yu, Whitehed? 22
          Have you headnoise now? 23
          Give us your mespilt reception, will yous? 24
          Pass the fish for Christ's sake! 25
          Old Whitehowth he is speaking again. Ope Eustace tube! 26
Pity poor whiteoath! Dear gone mummeries, goby! Tell the27
woyld I have lived true thousand hells. Pity, please, lady, for28
poor O.W. in this profundust snobbing I have caught. Nine dirty29
years mine age, hairs hoar, mummery failend, snowdrift to my30
ellpow, deff as Adder. I askt you, dear lady, to judge on my tree31
by our fruits. I gave you of the tree. I gave two smells, three eats.32
My freeandies, my celeberrimates: my happy bossoms, my all-33
falling fruits of my boom. Pity poor Haveth Childers Every-34
where with Mudder!35
    That was Communicator, a former colonel. A disincarnated 36