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tody. Cal it off. Godnotch, vryboily. End a muddy crushmess!1
Abbreciades anew York gustoms. Kyow! Tak.2
          Tiktak. Tikkak. 3
          Awind abuzz awater falling. 4
          Poor a cowe his jew placator. 5
          It's the damp damp damp. 6
          Calm has entered. Big big Calm, announcer. It is most 7
ernst terooly a moresome intartenment. Colt's tooth! I will give8
tandsel to it. I protest there is luttrelly not one teaspoonspill of9
evidence at bottomlie to my babad, as you shall see, as this is.10
Keemun Lapsang of first pickings. And I contango can take off11
my dudud dirtynine articles of quoting here in Pynix Park be-12
fore those in heaven to provost myself, by gramercy of justness,13
I mean veryman and moremon, stiff and staunch for ever, and14
enter under the advicies from Misrs Norris, Southby, Yates and15
Weston, Inc, to their favoured client, into my preprotestant caveat16
against the pupup publication of libel by any tixtim tipsyloon or17
tobtomtowley of Keisserse Lean (a bloweyed lanejoymt, waring18
lowbelt suit, with knockbrecky kenees and bullfist rings round19
him and a fallse roude axehand (he is cunvesser to Saunter's20
Nocelettres and the Poe's Toffee's Directory in his pisness), the21
best begrudged man in Belgradia who doth not belease to our22
paviour) to my nonesuch, that highest personage at moments23
holding down the throne. So to speak of beauty scouts in elegant24
pursuit of flowers, searchers for tabernacles and the celluloid art!25
Happen seen sore eynes belived? The caca cad! He walked by26
North Strand with his Thom's towel in hand. Snakeeye! Strangler27
of soffiacated green parrots! I protest it that he is, by my28
wipehalf. He was leaving out of my double inns while he was all29
teppling over my single ixits. So was keshaned on for his recent30
behaviour. Sherlook is lorking for him. Allare beltspanners.31
Get your air curt! Shame upon Private M! Shames on his ful-32
someness! Shamus on his atkinscum's lulul lying suulen for an33
outcast mastiff littered in blood currish! Eristocras till Hanging34
Tower! Steck a javelin through his advowtried heart! Instaun-35
ton! Flap, my Larrybird! Dangle, my highflyer! Jiggety jig my36