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such, particularly while savouring of their flavours at their most1
perfect best when served with heliotrope ayelips, as this is, where2
I do drench my jolly soul on the pu pure beauty of hers past.3
    She is my bestpreserved wholewife, sowell her as herafter, in 4
Evans's eye, with incompatibly the smallest shoenumber outside5
chinatins. They are jolly dainty, spekin tluly. May we not recom-6
mend them? It was my proofpiece from my prenticeserving.7
And, alas, our private chaplain of Lambeyth and Dolekey, bishop-8
regionary, an always sadfaced man, in his lutestring pewcape with9
tabinet band, who has visited our various hard hearts and reins10
by imposition of fufuf fingers, olso haddock's fumb, in that11
Upper Room can speak loud to you some quite complimentary12
things about my clean charactering, even when detected in the13
dark, distressful though such recital prove to me, as this is, when14
I introduced her (Frankfurters, numborines, why drive fear?) to15
our fourposter tunies chantreying under Castrucci Sinior and De16
Mellos, those whapping oldsteirs, with sycamode euphonium in17
either notation in our altogether cagehaused duckyheim on18
Goosna Greene, that cabinteeny homesweetened through affec-19
tion's hoardpayns (First Murkiss, or so they sankeyed. Dodo! O20
Clearly! And Gregorio at front with Johannes far in back. Aw,21
aw!), gleeglom there's gnome sweepplaces like theresweep No-22
whergs. By whom, as my Kerk Findlater's, ye litel chuch rond23
ye coner, and K. K. Katakasm enjoineth in the Belief and, as you24
all know, of a child, dear Humans, one of my life's ambitions of25
my youngend from an early peepee period while still to hedje-26
skool, intended for broadchurch, I, being fully alive to it, was27
parruchially confirmed in Caulofat's bed by our bujibuji beloved28
curate-author. Michael Engels is your man. Let Michael relay29
Sutton and tell you people here who have the phoney habit (it30
was remarketable) in his clairaudience, as this is, as only our own31
Michael can, when reicherout at superstation, to bring ruptures32
to our roars how I am amp amp amplify. Hiemlancollin. Pim-33
pim's Ornery forninehalf. Shaun Shemsen saywhen saywhen.34
Holmstock unsteaden. Livpoomark lloyrge hoggs one four tupps35
noying. Big Butter Boost! Sorry! Thnkyou! Thatll beall for-36