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who erred in having down to gibbous disdag our darling breed.1
And then the confisieur for the boob's indulligence. As sunctioned2
for his salmenbog by the Councillors-om-Trent. Pave Pannem3
at his gaiter's bronze! Nummer half dreads Log Laughty. Mas-4
ter's gunne he warrs the bedst. I messaged his dilltoyds sause-5
pander mussels on the kisschen table. With my ironing duck6
through his rollpins of gansyfett, do dodo doughdy dough, till7
he was braising red in the toastface with lovensoft eyebulbs and8
his kiddledrum steeming and rattling like the roasties in my9
mockamill. I awed to have scourched his Abarm's brack for him.10
For the loaf of Obadiah, take your pastryart's noas out of me11
flouer bouckuet! Of the strainger scene you given squeezers to12
me skillet! As cream of the hearth thou reinethst alhome. His13
lapper and libbers was glue goulewed as he sizzled there watch-14
ing me lautterick's pitcher by Wexford-Atelier as Katty and15
Lanner, the refined souprette, with my bust alla brooche and the16
padbun under my matelote, showing my jigotty sleeves and all17
my new toulong touloosies. Whisk! There's me shims and here's18
me hams and this is me juppettes, gause be the meter! Whisk!19
What's this? Whisk! And that? He never cotched finer, balay20
me, at Romiolo Frullini's flea pantamine out of Griddle-the-Sink21
or Shusies-with-her-Soles-Up or La Sauzerelly, the pucieboots,22
when I started so hobmop ladlelike, highty tighty, to kick the23
time off the cluckclock lucklock quamquam camcam potapot24
panapan kickakickkack. Hairhorehounds, shake up pfortner.25
Fuddling fun for Fullacan's sake!26
          All halt! Sponsor programme and close down. That's 27
enough, genral, of finicking about Finnegan and fiddling with28
his faddles. A final ballot, guvnor, to remove all doubt. By sylph29
and salamander and all the trolls and tritons, I mean to top her30
drive and to tip the tap of this, at last. His thoughts that wouldbe31
words, his livings that havebeen deeds. And will too, by the holy32
child of Coole, primapatriock of the archsee, if I have at first33
to down every mask in Trancenania from Terreterry's Hole to34
Stutterers' Corner to find that Yokeoff his letter, this Yokan his35
dahet. Pass the jousters of the king, the Kovnor-Journal and36