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there Saturday first when it's halfprice naturals night to see the1
fallensickners aping the buckleybackers and the blind to two2
worlds taking off the deffydowndummies) and the shamshem-3
showman has been complaining to the police barracks and4
applying for an order of certiorari and crying out something vile5
about him being molested, after him having triplets, by offers of6
vacancies from females in this city, neighing after the man and his7
outstanding attraction ever since they seen his X ray picture turned8
out in wealthy red in the sabbath sheets? Was it him that suborned9
that surdumutual son of his, a litterydistributer in Saint Patrick's10
Lavatory, to turn a Roman and leave the chayr and gout in his11
bare balbriggans, the sweep, and buy the usual jar of porter at12
the Morgue and Cruses and set it down before the wife with her13
fireman's halmet on her, bidding her mine the hoose, the strum-14
pet, while him and his lagenloves were rampaging the roads in15
all their paroply under the noses of the Heliopolitan constabu-16
lary? Can you beat it? Prepare the way! Where's that gendarm17
auxiliar, arianautic sappertillery, that reported on the whole hood-18
lum, relying on his morse-erse wordybook and the trunchein up19
his tail? Roof Seckesign van der Deckel and get her story from20
him! Recall Sickerson, the lizzyboy! Seckersen, magnon of Errick.21
Sackerson! Hookup!22
          Day shirker four vanfloats he verdants market. 23
    High liquor made lust torpid dough hunt her orchid. 24
          Hunt her orchid! Gob and he found it on her right enough! 25
With her shoes upon his shoulders, 'twas most trying to be-26
holders when he upped their frullatullepleats with our warning.27
A disgrace to the homely protestant religion! Bloody old pre-28
adamite with his twohandled umberella! Trust me to spy on me29
own spew!30
          Wallpurgies! And it's this's your deified city? Norganson? 31
And it's we's to pray for Bigmesser's conversions? Call Kitty the32
Beads, the Mandame of Tipknock Castle! Let succuba succumb, the33
improvable his wealth made possible! He's cookinghagar that rost34
her prayer to him upon the top of the stairs. She's deep, that one.35
          A farternoiser for his tuckish armenities. Ouhr Former 36