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sweetness, so as not a novene in all the convent loretos, not my1
littlest one of all, for mercy's sake need ever know, what passed2
our lips or. Yes sir, we'll will! Clothea wind! Fee o fie! Covey us3
niced! Bansh the dread! Alitten's looking. Low him lovly! Make4
me feel good in the moontime. It will all take bloss as oranged at5
St Audiens rosan chocolate chapelry with my diamants blickfeast6
after at minne owned hos for all the catclub to go cryzy and7
Father Blesius Mindelsinn will be beminding hand. Kyrielle ela-8
tion! Crystal elation! Kyrielle elation! Elation immanse! Sing to9
us, sing to us, sing to us! Amam! So meme nearest, languished10
hister, be free to me! (I'm fading!) And listen, you, you beauty,11
esster, I'll be clue to who knows you, pray Magda, Marthe with12
Luz and Joan, while I lie with warm lisp on the Tolka. (I'm fay!)13
          Eusapia! Fais-le, tout-tait! Languishing hysteria? The clou 14
historique? How is this at all? Is dads the thing in such or are15
tits the that? Hear we here her first poseproem of suora unto16
suora? Alicious, twinstreams twinestraines, through alluring17
glass or alas in jumboland? Ding dong! Where's your pal in18
silks alustre? Think of a maiden, Presentacion. Double her, An-19
nupciacion. Take your first thoughts away from her, Immacola-20
cion. Knock and it shall appall unto you! Who shone yet shim-21
mers will be e'er scheining. Cluse her, voil her, hild her hindly.22
After liryc and themodius soft aglo iris of the vals. This young23
barlady, what, euphemiasly? Is she having an ambidual act her-24
self in apparition with herself as Consuelas to Sonias may?25
          Dang! And tether, a loguy O! 26
          Dis and dat and dese and dose! Your crackling out of your 27
turn, my Moonster firefly, like always. And 2 R.N. and Long-28
horns Connacht, stay off my air! You've grabbed the capital and29
you've had the lion's shire since 1542 but there's all the difference30
in Ireland between your borderation, my chatty cove, and me. The31
leinstrel boy to the wall is gone and there's moreen astoreen for32
Monn and Conn. With the tyke's named moke. Doggymens'33
nimmer win! You last led the first when we last but we'll first34
trump your last with a lasting. Jump the railchairs or take them,35
as you please, but and, sir, my queskins first, foxyjack! Ye've as36
much skullabogue cheek on you now as would boil a caldron of37