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          It seems to same with Iscappellas? Ys? Gotellus! A tickey 1
for tie taughts!2
          Listenest, meme mearest! They were harrowd, those fin- 3
weeds! Come, rest in this bosom! So sorry you lost him, poor4
lamb! Of course I know you are a viry vikid girl to go in the5
dreemplace and at that time of the draym and it was a very wrong6
thing to do, even under the dark flush of night, dare all grand-7
passia! He's gone on his bombashaw. Through geesing and so8
pleasing at Strip Teasy up the stairs. The boys on the corner were9
talking too. And your soreful miseries first come on you. Still to10
forgive it, divine my lickle wiffey, and everybody knows you do11
look lovely in your invinsibles, Eulogia, a perfect apposition with12
the coldcream, Assoluta, from Boileau's I always use in the wards13
after I am burned a rich egg and derive the greatest benefit,14
sign of the cause. My, you do! Simply adorable! Could I but15
pass my hands some, my hands through, thine hair! So vicky-16
vicky veritiny! O Fronces, say howdyedo, Dotty! Chic hands.17
The way they curve there under nue charmeen cuffs! I am more18
divine like that when I've two of everything up to boyproof19
knicks. Winning in a way, only my arms are whiter, dear.20
Blanchemain, idler. Fairhair, frail one. Listen, meme sweety! O21
be joyfold! Mirror do justice, taper of ivory, heart of the cona-22
vent, hoops of gold! My veil will save it undyeing from his ether-23
nal fire! It's meemly us two, meme idoll. Of course it was down-24
right verry wickred of him, reely meeting me disguised, Bortolo25
mio, peerfectly appealling, D.V., with my lovebirds, my colom-26
binas. Their sinsitives shrinked. Even Netta and Linda, our seeyu27
tities and they've sin sumtim, tankus! My rillies were liebeneaus,28
my aftscents embre. How me adores eatsother simply (Mon ishe-29
beau! Ma reinebelle!), in his storm collar, as I leaned yestreen30
from his muskished labs, even my little pom got excited, when I31
turned his head on his same manly bust and kissed him more.32
Only he might speak to a person, lord so picious, taking up my33
worths ill wrong! May I introduce! This is my futuous, lips and34
looks lovelast. Still me with you, you poor chilled! Will make it35
up with mother Concepcion and a glorious lie between us,36