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          Sample! Sample! 1
          Have you ever weflected, wepowtew, that the evil what 2
though it was willed might nevewtheless lead somehow on to3
good towawd the genewality?4
          A pwopwo of haster meets waster and talking of plebiscites 5
by a show of hands, whether declaratory or effective, in all6
seriousness, has it become to dawn in you yet that the deponent,7
the man from Saint Yves, may have been (one is reluctant to use8
the passive voiced) may be been as much sinned against as sin-9
ning, for if we look at it verbally perhaps there is no true noun in10
active nature where every bally being      please read this mufto11
      is becoming in its owntown eyeballs. Now the long form and12
the strong form and reform alltogether!13
          Hotchkiss Culthur's Everready, one brother to never- 14
reached, well over countless hands, sieur of many winners and15
losers, groomed by S. Samson and son, bred by dilalahs, will16
stand at Bay (Dublin) from nun till dan and vites inversion and17
at Miss or Mrs's MacMannigan's Yard.18
          Perhaps you can explain, sagobean? The Mod needs a 19
          Pro general continuation and in particular explication to 21
your singular interrogation our asseveralation. Ladiegent, pals22
will smile but me and Frisky Shorty, my inmate friend, as is un-23
common struck on poplar poetry, and a few fleabesides round at24
West Pauper Bosquet, was glad to be back again with the chaps25
and just arguing friendlylike at the Doddercan Easehouse having26
a wee chatty with our hosty in his comfy estably over the old27
middlesex party and his moral turps, meaning flu, pock, pox28
and mizzles, grip, gripe, gleet and sprue, caries, rabies, numps29
and dumps. What me and Frisky in our concensus and the whole30
double gigscrew of suscribers, notto say the burman, having31
successfully concluded our tour of bibel, wants to know is thisa-32
here. Supposing, for an ethical fict, him, which the findings33
showed, to have taken his epscene licence before the norsect's34
divisional respectively as regards them male privates and or35
concomitantly with all common or neuter respects to them36