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is doing a walk, says she, in the feelmick's park, says he, like1
a tarrable Turk, says she, letting loose on his nursery and,2
begalla, he meet himself with Mr Michael Clery of a Tuesday3
who said Father MacGregor was desperate to the bad place about4
thassbawls and ejaculating about all the stairrods and the cats-5
pew swashing his earwanker and thinconvenience being locked6
up for months, owing to being putrenised by stragglers abusing7
the apparatus, and for Tarpey to pull himself into his soup and8
fish and to push on his borrowsaloaner and to go to the tumple9
like greased lining and see Father MacGregor and, be Cad, sir, he10
was to pipe up and saluate that clergyman and to tell his holiness11
the whole goat's throat about the three shillings in the confusional12
and to say how Mrs Lyons, the cuptosser, was the infidel who13
prophessised to pose three shielings Peter's pelf off her tocher14
from paraguais and albs by the yard to Mr Martin Clery for15
Father Mathew to put up a midnight mask saints withins of a16
Thrushday for African man and to let Brown child do and to leave17
he Anlone and all the nuisances committed by soldats and non-18
behavers and missbelovers for N.D. de l'Ecluse to send more19
heehaw hell's flutes, my prodder again! And I never brought my20
cads in togs blanket! Foueh!21
          Angly as arrows, but you have right, my celtslinger! Nils, 22
Mugn and Cannut. Should brothers be for awe then?23
          So let use off be octo while oil bike the bil and wheel 24
whang till wabblin befoul you but mere and mire trullopes will25
knaver mate a game on the bibby bobby burns of.26
          Quatsch! What hill ar yu fluking about, ye lamelookond 27
fyats! I'll discipline ye! Will you swear or affirm the day to yur28
second sight noo and recant that all yu affirmed to profetised at29
first sight for his southerly accent was all paddyflaherty? Will30
ye, ay or nay?31
          Ay say aye. I affirmly swear to it that it rooly and cooly 32
boolyhooly was with my holyhagionous lips continuously poised33
upon the rubricated annuals of saint ulstar.34
          That's very guid of ye, R.C.! Maybe yu wouldn't mind 35
talling us, my labrose lad, how very much bright cabbage or36