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          But twill cling hellish like engels opened to neuropeans, if 1
you've sensed, whole the sum. So be vigil!2
          And this pattern pootsch punnermine of concoon and 3
proprey went on, hog and minne, a whole whake, your night after4
larry's night, spittinspite on Dora O'Huggins, ormonde caught5
butler, the artillery of the O'Hefferns answering the cavalry of the6
MacClouds, fortey and more fortey, a thousand and one times,7
according to your cock and a biddy story? Lludillongi, for years8
and years perhaps?9
          That's ri. This is his largos life, this is me timtomtum and 10
this is her two peekweeny ones. From the last finger on the11
second foot of the fourth man to the first one on the last one of12
the first. That's right.13
          Finny. Vary vary finny! 14
          It may look funny but fere it is. 15
          This is not guid enough, Mr Brasslattin. Finging and tong- 16
ing and winging and ponging! And all your rally and ramp and17
rant! Didget think I was asleep at the wheel? D'yu mean to tall18
grand jurors of thathens of tharctic on your oath, me lad, and19
ask us to believe you, for all you're enduring long terms, with20
yur last foot foremouthst, that yur moon was shining on the21
tors and on the cresties and winblowing night after night, for22
years and years perhaps, after you swearing to it a while back23
before your Corth examiner, Markwalther, that there was reen24
in planty all the teem?25
          Perhaps so, as you grand duly affirm, Robman Calvinic. 26
I never thought over it, faith. I most certainly think so about it.27
I hope. Unless it is actionable. It would be a charity for me to28
think about something which I must on no caste accounts omit,29
if you ask to me. It was told me as an inspired statement by a30
friend of myself, in reply to salute, Tarpey, after three o'clock31
mass, with forty ducks indulgent, that some rain was promised32
to Mrs Lyons, the invalid of Aunt Tarty Villa, with lots gulp33
and sousers and likewise he told me, the recusant, after telling34
mass, with two hundred genuflexions, at the split hour of35
blight when bars are keeping so sly, as was what's follows. He36