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          Dunsink, rugby, ballast and ball. You can imagine. 1
          Language this allsfare for the loathe of Marses ambiviolent 2
about it. Will you swear all the same you saw their shadows a3
hundred foot later, struggling diabolically over this, that and4
the other, their virtues pro and his principality con, near the5
Ruins, Drogheda Street, and kicking up the devil's own dust6
for the Milesian wind?7
          I will. I did. They were. I swear. Like the heavenly militia. 8
So wreek me Ghyllygully! With my tongue through my toecap on9
the headlong stone of kismet if so 'tis the will of Whose B. Dunn.10
          Weepin Lorcans! They must have put in some wonderful 11
work, ecad, on the quiet like, during this arms' parley, meatierities12
forces vegateareans. Dost thou not think so?13
          Ay. 14
          The illegallooking range or fender, alias turfing iron, a 15
product of Hostages and Co, Engineers, changed feet several16
times as briars revalvered during the weaponswap? Piff?17
          Puff! Excuse yourself. It was an ersatz lottheringcan. 18
          They did not know the war was over and were only bere- 19
belling or bereppelling one another by chance or necessity with20
sham bottles, mere and woiney, as betwinst Picturshirts and21
Scutticules, like their caractacurs in an Irish Ruman to sorowbrate22
the expeltsion of the Danos? What sayest thou, scusascmerul?23
          That's all. For he was heavily upright man, Limba romena 24
in Bucclis tucsada. Farcing gutterish.25
          I mean the Morgans and the Dorans, in finnish? 26
          I know you don't, in Feeney's. 27
          The mujic of the footure on the barbarihams of the bashed? 28
Co Canniley?29
          Da Donnuley. 30
          Yet this war has meed peace? In voina viritas. Ab chaos lex, 31
neat wehr?32
          O bella! O pia! O pura! Amem. Handwalled amokst us. 33
Thanksbeer to Balbus!34
          All the same you sound it twould clang houlish like Hull 35
hopen for christmians?36