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          Truly. That I may never! 1
          Did one scum then in the auradrama, the deff, after some 2
clever play in the mud, mention to the other undesirable, a3
dumm, during diverse intentional instants, that upon the resume4
after the angerus, how for his deal he was a pigheaded Swede and5
to wend himself to a medicis?6
          To be sore he did, the huggornut! Only it was turnip- 7
hudded dunce, I beg your pardon, and he would jokes bowlder-8
blow the betholder with his black masket off the bawling green.9
          Sublime was the warning! 10
          The author, in fact, was mardred. 11
          Did he, the first spikesman, do anything to him, the last 12
spokesman, when, after heaving some more smutt and chaff13
between them, they rolled togutter into the ditch together?14
Black Pig's Dyke?15
          No, he had his teeth in the hack of his head. 16
          Did Box then try to shine his puss? 17
          No but Cox did to shin the punman. 18
          The worsted crying that if never he looked on Leaverhol- 19
ma's again and the bester huing that he might ever save sunlife?20
          Trulytruly Asbestos he ever. And sowasso I never. 21
          That forte carlysle touch breaking the campdens pianoback. 22
          Pansh! 23
          Are you of my meaning that would be going on to about 24
half noon, click o'clock, pip emma, Grinwicker time, by your25
querqcut quadrant?26
          You will be asking me and I wish to higgins you wouldn't. 27
Would it?28
          Let it be twelve thirty after a somersautch of the tardest! 29
          And it was eleven thirsty too befour in soandsuch, reloy on it! 30
          Tick up on time. Howday you doom? That rising day 31
sinks rosing in a night of nine week's wonder.32
          Amties, marcy buckup! The uneven day of the unleventh 33
month of the unevented year. At mart in mass.34
          A triduum before Our Larry's own day. By which of your 35
chronos, my man of four watches, larboard, starboard, dog or dath?36