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thou slackerd! Once upon a grass and a hopping high grass it1
          Faith, then, Meesta Cheeryman, first he come up, a gag 3
as a gig, badgeler's rake to the town's major from the wesz,4
MacSmashall Swingy of the Cattelaxes, got up regardless, with5
a cock on the Kildare side of his Tattersull, in his riddlesneek's6
ragamufflers and the horrid contrivance as seen above, whisklyng7
into a bone tolerably delicately, the Wearing of the Blue, and taking8
off his plushkwadded bugsby in his perusual flea and loisy man-9
ner, saying good mrowkas to weevilybolly and dragging his feet10
in the usual course and was ever so terribly naas, really, telling11
him clean his nagles and fex himself up, Miles, and so on and so12
fort, and to take the coocoomb to his grizzlies and who done13
that foxy freak on his bear's hairs like fire bursting out of the14
Ump pyre and, half hang me, sirr, if he wasn't wanting his15
calicub body back before he'd to take his life or so save his life.16
Then, begor, counting as many as eleven to thritytwo seconds17
with his pocket browning, like I said, wann swanns wann, this is18
my awethorrorty, he kept forecursing hascupth's foul Fanden,19
Cogan, for coaccoackey the key of John Dunn's field fore it was20
for sent and the way Montague was robbed and wolfling to21
know all what went off and who burned the hay, perchance wilt22
thoult say, before he'd kill all the kanes and the price of Patsch23
Purcell's faketotem, which the man, his plantagonist, up from the24
bog of the depths who was raging with the thirst of the sacred25
sponge and who, as a mashter of pasht, so far as him was con-26
cerned, was only standing there nonplush to the corner of Turbot27
Street, perplexing about a paumpshop and pupparing to spit,28
wanting to know whelp the henconvention's compuss memphis29
he wanted with him new nothing about.30
          A sarsencruxer, like the Nap O' Farrell Patter Tandy moor 31
and burgess medley? In other words, was that how in the annusual32
curse of things, as complement to compliment though, after a33
manner of men which I must and will say seems extraordinary,34
their celicolar subtler angelic warfare or photoplay finister35