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          Siriusly and selenely sure behind the shutter. Securius indicat 1
umbris tellurem.2
          Date as? Your time of immersion? We are still in drought 3
of. . . ?4
          Amnis Dominae, Marcus of Corrig. A laughin hunter and 5
Purty Sue.6
          And crazyheaded Jorn, the bulweh born? 7
          Fluteful as his orkan. Ex ugola lenonem. 8
          And Jambs, of Delphin's Bourne or (as olders lay) of 9
          Dawncing the kniejinksky choreopiscopally like an easter 11
sun round the colander, the vice! Taranta boontoday! You12
should pree him prance the polcat, you whould sniff him wops13
around, you should hear his piedigrotts schraying as his skimpies14
skirp a . . .15
          Crashedafar Corumbas! A Czardanser indeed! Dervilish 16
glad too. Ortovito semi ricordo. The pantaglionic affection17
through his blood like a bad influenza in a leap at bounding18
          Out of Prisky Poppagenua, the palsied old priamite, home 20
from Edwin Hamilton's Christmas pantaloonade, Oropos Roxy21
and Pantharhea at the Gaiety, trippudiating round the aria, with22
his fiftytwo heirs of age! They may reel at his likes but it's Noeh23
Bonum's shin do.24
          And whit what was Lillabil Issabil maideve, maid at? 25
          Trists and thranes and trinies and traines. 26
          A take back to the virgin page, darm it! 27
          Ay, graunt ye. 28
          The quobus quartet were there too, if I mistake not, as a 29
sideline but, pace the contempt of senate, well to the fore, in an30
amenessy meeting, metandmorefussed to decide whereagainwhen31
to meet themselves flopsome and jerksome, lubber and deliric,32
drinking unsteadily through the Kerry quadrilles and Listowel33
lancers and mastersinging always with that consecutive fifth of34
theirs, eh? Like four wise elephants inandouting under a twelve-35
podestalled table?36