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          Where do you get that wash? This representation does not 1
accord with my experience. They were watching the watched2
watching. Vechers all.3
          Good. Hold that watching brief and keep this witching 4
longuer. Now, retouching friend Tomsky, the enemy, did you5
gather much from what he let drop? We are sitting here for that.6
          I was rooshian mad, no lie. About his shapeless hat. 7
          I suspect you must have been. 8
          You are making your thunderous mistake. But I was dung 9
sorry for him too.10
          O Schaum! Not really? Were you sorry you were mad 11
with him then?12
          When I tell you I was rooshiamarodnimad with myself 13
altogether, so I was, for being sorry for him.14
          So? 15
          Absolutely. 16
          Would you blame him at all stages? 17
          I believe in many an old stager. But what seemed sooth to 18
a Greek summed nooth to a giantle. Who kills the cat in Cairo19
coaxes cocks in Gaul.20
          I put it to you that this was solely in his sunflower state 21
and that his haliodraping het was why maids all sighed for him,22
ventured and vied for him. Hm?23
          After Putawayo, Kansas, Liburnum and New Aimstir- 24
dames, it wouldn't surprise me in the very least.25
          That tare and this mole, your tear and our smile. 'Tis life 26
that lies if woman's eyes have been our old undoing. Lid efter lid.27
Reform in mine size his deformation. Tiffpuff up my nostril,28
would you puff the earthworm outer my ear.29
          He could claud boose his eyes to the birth of his garce, he 30
could lump all his lot through the half of her play, but he jest31
couldn't laugh through the whole of her farce becorpse he warn't32
billed that way. So he outandouts his volimetangere and has a33
lightning consultation and he downadowns his pantoloogions34
and made a piece of first perpersonal puetry that staystale re-35
mains to be. Cleaned.36