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and the Arch after his teeth were shaken out of their suckets by the1
wrang dog, for having 5 pints 73 of none Eryen blood in him abaft2
the seam level, the scatterling, wearing his cowbeamer and false3
clothes of a brewer's grains pattern with back buckons with his4
motto on, Yule Remember, ostensibly for that occasion only of the5
twelfth day Pax and Quantum wedding, I'm wondering.6
          I bet you are. Well, he was wandering, you bet, whatever 7
was his matter, in his mind too, give him his due, for I am sorry8
to have to tell you, hullo and evoe, they were coming down from9
off him.10
          How culious an epiphany! 11
          Hodie casus esobhrakonton? 12
          It looked very like it. 13
          Needer knows necess and neither garments. Man is minded 14
of the Meagher, wat? Wooly? Walty?15
          Ay, another good button gone wrong. 16
          Blondman's blaff! Like a skib leaked lintel the arbour 17
leidend with . . .?18
          Pamelas, peggylees, pollywollies, questuants, quai 19
aquilties, quickamerries.20
          Concaving now convexly to the semidemihemispheres and, 21
from the female angle, music minnestirring, were the subligate22
sisters, P. and Q., Clopatrick's cherierapest, mutatis mutandis,23
in pretty much the same pickle, the peach of all piedom, the24
quest of all quicks?25
          Peequeen ourselves, the prettiest pickles of unmatchemable 26
mute antes I ever bopeeped at, seesaw shallshee since the town go27
went gonning on Pranksome Quaine.28
          Silks apeel and sulks alusty? 29
          Boy and giddle, gape and bore. 30
          I hear these two goddesses are liable to sue him? 31
          Well, I hope the two Collinses don't leg a bail to shoot him. 32
          Both were white in black arpists at cloever spilling, knickt? 33
          Gels bach, I, languised, liszted. Etoudies for the right hand. 34
          Were they now? And were they watching you as watcher 35
as well?36