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animals for he had put his own nickelname on every toad, duck1
and herring before the climber clomb aloft, doing the midhill of2
the park, flattering his bitter hoolft with her conconundrums.3
He would let us have the three barrels. Such was a bitte too thikke4
for the Muster of the hoose so as he called down on the Grand5
Precurser who coiled him a crawler of the dupest dye and6
thundered at him to flatch down off that erection and be aslimed7
of himself for the bellance of hissch leif.8
          Oh Finlay's coldpalled! 9
          Ahday's begatem! 10
          Were you there, eh Hehr? Were you there when they 11
lagged um through the coombe?12
          Wo wo! Who who! Psalmtimes it grauws on me to ramble, 13
ramble, ramble.14
          Woe! Woe! So that was kow he became the foerst of our 15
          Yesche and, in the absence of any soberiquiet, the fanest 17
of our truefalluses. Bapsbaps Bomslinger!18
          How near do you feel to this capocapo promontory, sir? 19
          There do be days of dry coldness between us when he does 20
be like a lidging house far far astray and there do be nights of wet21
windwhistling when he does be making me onions woup all kinds22
of ways.23
          Now you are mehrer the murk, Lansdowne Road. She's 24
threwed her pippin's thereabouts and they've cropped up tooth25
oneydge with hates to leaven this socried isle. Now, thornyborn,26
follow the spotlight, please! Concerning a boy. Are you acquainted27
with a pagany, vicariously known as Toucher 'Thom' who is. I28
suggest Finoglam as his habitat. Consider yourself on the stand29
now and watch your words, take my advice. Let your motto be:30
Inter nubila numbum.31
          Never you mind about my mother or her hopitout. I con- 32
sider if I did, I would feel frightfully ashamed of admired vice.33
          He is a man of around fifty, struck on Anna Lynsha's 34
Pekoe with milk and whisky, who does messuages and has more35
dirt on him than an old dog has fleas, kicking stones and knocking36