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bark and our lecture is its leave. The cran, the cran, the king of all1
crans. Squiremade and damesman of plantagenets, high and holy.2
          Now, no hiding your wren under a bushle! What was it 3
doing there, for instance?4
          Standing foreninst us. 5
          In Summerian sunshine? 6
          And in Cimmerian shudders. 7
          You saw it visibly from your hidingplace? 8
          No. From my invisibly lyingplace. 9
          And you then took down in stereo what took place being 10
tunc committed?11
          I then tuk my takenplace lying down, I thunk I told you. 12
Solve it!13
          Remounting aliftle towards the ouragan of spaces. Just 14
how grand in cardinal rounders is this preeminent giant, sir15
Arber? Your bard's highview, avis on valley! I would like to hear16
you burble to us in strict conclave, purpurando, and without17
too much italiote interfairance, what you know in petto about our18
sovereign beingstalk, Tonans Tomazeus. O dite!19
          Corcor Andy, Udi, Udite! Your Ominence, Your Immi- 20
nence and delicted fraternitrees! There's tuodore queensmaids21
and Idahore shopgirls and they woody babies growing upon her22
and bird flamingans sweenyswinging fuglewards on the tipmast23
and Orania epples playing hopptociel bommptaterre and Ty-24
burn fenians snoring in his quickenbole and crossbones strewing25
its holy floor and culprines of Erasmus Smith's burstall boys26
with their underhand leadpencils climbing to her crotch for the27
origin of spices and charlotte darlings with silk blue askmes28
chattering in dissent to them, gibbonses and gobbenses, guelfing29
and ghiberring proferring praydews to their anatolies and blight-30
ing findblasts on their catastripes and the killmaimthem pen-31
sioners chucking overthrown milestones up to her to fall her32
cranberries and her pommes annettes for their unnatural refection33
and handpainted hoydens plucking husbands of him and cock34
robins muchmore hatching most out of his missado eggdrazzles35
for him, the sun and moon pegging honeysuckle and white36