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zon cloth! All effects in their joints caused ways. Raindrum,1
windmachine, snowbox. But thundersheet?2
          No here. Under the blunkets. 3
          This common or garden is now in stilller realithy the 4
starey sphere of an oleotorium for broken pottery and ancient5
          Simply awful the dirt. An evernasty ashtray. 7
          I see. Now do you know the wellknown kikkinmidden 8
where the illassorted first couple first met with each other? The9
place where Ealdermann Fanagan? The time when Junkermenn10
          Deed then I do, W.K. 12
          In Fingal too they met at Littlepeace aneath the bidetree, 13
Yellowhouse of Snugsborough, Westreeve-Astagob and Sluts-14
end with Stockins of Winning's Folly Merryfalls, all of a two,15
skidoo and skephumble?16
          Godamedy, you're a delville of a tolkar! 17
          Is it a place fairly exspoused to the four last winds? 18
          Well, I faithly sincerely believe so indeed if all what I hope 19
to charity is half true.20
          This stow on the wolds, is it Woful Dane Bottom? 21
          It is woful in need whatever about anything or allselse 22
under the grianblachk sun of gan greyne Eireann.23
          A tricolour ribbon that spells a caution. The old flag, the cold 24
          The flagstone. By tombs, deep and heavy. To the unaveiling 26
memory of. Peacer the grave.27
          And what sigeth Woodin Warneung thereof? 28
          Trickspissers vill be pairsecluded. 29
          There used to be a tree stuck up? An overlisting eshtree? 30
          There used, sure enough. Beside the Annar. At the ford 31
of Slivenamond. Oakley Ashe's elm. With a snoodrift from one32
beerchen bough. And the grawndest crowndest consecrated may-33
pole in all the reignladen history of Wilds. Browne's Thesaurus34
Plantarum from Nolan's, The Prittlewell Press, has nothing alike35
it. For we are fed of its forest, clad in its wood, burqued by its36