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          Plenty. If you wend farranoch. 1
          There fell some fall of littlewinter snow, holy-as-ivory, 2
I gather, jesse?3
          By snaachtha clocka. The nicest at all. In hilly-and-even 4
          Did it not blow some gales, westnass or ostscent, rather 6
strongly to less, allin humours out of turn, jusse as they rose and7
          Out of all jokes it did. Pipep! Icecold. Brr na brr, ny prr! 9
Lieto galumphantes!10
     Stll cllng! Nmr! Peace, Pacific! Do you happen to recollect11
whether Muna, that highlucky nackt, was shining at all?12
          Sure she was, my midday darling! And not one but a pair 13
of pritty geallachers.14
          Quando? Quonda? Go datey! 15
          Latearly! Latearly! Latearly! Latearly! 16
          That was latterlig certainly. And was there frostwork 17
about and thick weather and hice, soon calid, soon frozen, cold on18
warm but moistly dry, and a boatshaped blanket of bruma air-19
sighs and hellstohns and flammballs and vodashouts and every-20
thing to please everybody?21
          Hail many fell of greats! Horey morey smother of fog! 22
There was, so plays your ahrtides. Absolutely boiled.23
Obsoletely cowled. Julie and Lulie at their parkiest.24
          The amenities, the amenities of the amenities with all their 25
amenities. And the firmness of the formous of the famous of the26
fumous of the first fog in Maidanvale?27
          Catchecatche and couchamed! 28
          From Miss Somer's nice dream back to Mad Winthrop's 29
delugium stramens. One expects that kind of rimey feeling in the30
sire season?31
          One certainly does. Desire, for hire, would tire a shire, 32
phone, phunkel, or wire. And mares.33
          Of whitecaps any? 34
          Foamflakes flockfuyant from Foxrock to Finglas. 35
          A lambskip for the marines! Paronama! The entire hori- 36