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embalsemate, pending a rouseruction of his bogey, most highly1
astounded, as it turned up, after his life overlasting, at thus being2
reduced to nothing.3
          Bappy-go-gully and gaff for us all! And all his morties 4
calisenic, tripping a trepas, neniatwantyng: Mulo Mulelo! Homo5
Humilo! Dauncy a deady O! Dood dood dood! O Bawse! O6
Boese! O Muerther! O Mord! Mahmato! Moutmaro! O Smir-7
tsch! O Smertz! Woh Hillill! Woe Hallall! Thou Thuoni I Thou8
Thaunaton! Umartir! Udamnor! Tschitt! Mergue! Eulumu!9
Huam Khuam! Malawinga! Malawunga! Ser Oh Ser! See ah10
See! Hamovs! Hemoves! Mamor! Rockquiem eternuel give donal11
aye in dolmeny! Bat luck's perpepperpot loosen his eyis! (Psich!).12
          But there's leps of flam in Funnycoon's Wick. The keyn 13
has passed. Lung lift the keying!14
          God save you king! Muster of the Hidden Life! 15
          God serf yous kingly, adipose rex! I had four in the morn- 16
ing and a couple of the lunch and three later on, but your saouls17
to the dhaoul, do ye. Finnk. Fime. Fudd?18
          Impassable tissue of improbable liyers! D'yu mean to sett 19
there where y'are now, coddlin your supernumerary leg, wi'that20
bizar tongue in yur tolkshap, and your hindies and shindies, like a21
muck in a market, Sorley boy, repeating yurself, and tell me that?22
          I mean to sit here on this altknoll where you are now, 23
Surly guy, replete in myself, as long as I live, in my homespins,24
like a sleepingtop, with all that's buried ofsins insince insensed25
insidesofme. If I can't upset this pound of pressed ollaves I can26
sit up zounds of sounds upon him.27
          Oliver! He may be an earthpresence. Was that a groan or 28
did I hear the Dingle bagpipes Wasting war and? Watch!29
          Tris tris a ni ma mea! Prisoner of Love! Bleating Hart! 30
Lowlaid Herd! Aubain Hand! Wonted Foot! Usque! Usque!31
Usque! Lignum in . . .32
          Rawth of Gar and Donnerbruck Fire? Is the strays world 33
moving mound or what static babel is this, tell us?34
          Whoishe whoishe whoishe whoishe linking in? Whoishe 35
whoishe whoishe?36