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Quinnigan's Quake! Stump! His producers are they not his con-1
sumers? Your exagmination round his factification for incam-2
ination of a warping process. Declaim! 3
          Arra irrara hirrara man, weren't they arriving in clansdes- 4
tinies for the Imbandiment of Ad Regias Agni Dapes, fogabawlers5
and panhibernskers, after the crack and the lean years, scalpjaggers6
and houthhunters, like the messicals of the great god, a scarlet7
trainful, the Twoedged Petrard, totalling, leggats and prelaps, in8
their aggregate ages two and thirty plus undecimmed centries9
of them with insiders, extraomnes and tuttifrutties allcunct, from10
Rathgar, Rathanga, Rountown and Rush, from America Avenue11
and Asia Place and the Affrian Way and Europa Parade and be-12
sogar the wallies of Noo Soch Wilds and from Vico, Mespil13
Rock and Sorrento, for the lure of his weal and the fear of his14
oppidumic, to his salon de espera in the keel of his kraal, like15
lodes of ores flocking fast to Mount Maximagnetic, afeerd he was16
a gunner but affaird to stay away, Merrionites, Dumstdumb-17
drummers, Luccanicans, Ashtoumers, Batterysby Parkes and18
Krumlin Boyards, Phillipsburgs, Cabraists and Finglossies,19
Ballymunites, Raheniacs and the bettlers of Clontarf, for to con-20
template in manifest and pay their firstrate duties before the both21
of him, twelve stone a side, with their Thieve le Roué! and their22
Shvr yr Thrst! and their Uisgye ad Inferos! and their Usque ad23
Ebbraios! at and in the licensed boosiness primises of his del-24
hightful bazar and reunited magazine hall, by the magazine wall,25
Hosty's and Co, Exports, for his five hundredth and sixtysixth26
borthday, the grand old Magennis Mor, Persee and Rahli, taker27
of the tributes, their Rinseky Poppakork and Piowtor the Grape,28
holding Dunker's durbar, boot kings and indiarubber umpires29
and shawhs from paisley and muftis in muslim and sultana30
reiseines and jordan almonders and a row of jam sahibs and a31
odd principeza in her pettedcoat and the queen of knight's clubs32
and the claddagh ringleaders and the two salaames and the Halfa33
Ham and the Hanzas Khan with two fat Maharashers and the34
German selver geyser and he polished up, protemptible, tintanam-35
bulating to himsilf so silfrich, and there was J. B. Dunlop, the36