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          Alas for livings' pledjures! 1
          Lordy Daw and Lady Don! Uncle Foozle and Aunty 2
Jack! Sure, that old humbugger was boycotted and girlcutted3
in debt and doom, on hill and haven, even by the show-the-flag4
flotilla, as I'm given now to understand, illscribed in all the5
gratuitouses and conspued in the takeyourhandaways. Bumbty,6
tumbty, Sot on a Wall, Mute art for the Million. There wasn't an7
Archimandrite of Dane's Island and the townlands nor a minx8
from the Isle of Woman nor a one of the four cantins nor any on9
the whole wheel of his ecunemical conciliabulum nor nogent10
ingen meid on allad the hold scurface of the jorth would come11
next or nigh him, Mr Eelwhipper, seed and nursery man, or12
his allgas bumgalowre, Auxilium Meum Solo A Domino (Amsad),13
for rime or ration, from piles or faces, after that.14
          All ears did wag, old Eire wake as Piers Aurell was flapper- 15
          Recount! 17
          I have it here to my fingall's ends. This liggy piggy wanted 18
to go to the jampot. And this leggy peggy spelt pea. And theese19
lucky puckers played at pooping tooletom. Ma's da. Da's ma.20
Madas. Sadam.21
          Pater patruum cum filiabus familiarum. Or, but, now, and, 22
ariring out of her mirgery margery watersheads and, to change23
that subjunct from the traumaturgid for once in a while and dart-24
ing back to stuff, if so be you may identify yourself with the him25
in you, that fluctuous neck merchamtur, bloodfadder and milk-26
mudder, since then our too many of her, Abha na Lifé, and getting27
on to dadaddy again, as them we're ne'er free of, was he in tea28
e'er he went on the bier or didn't he ontime do something seemly29
heavy in sugar? He sent out Christy Columb and he came back30
with a jailbird's unbespokables in his beak and then he sent out31
Le Caron Crow and the peacies are still looking for him. The32
seeker from the swayed, the beesabouties from the parent swarm.33
Speak to the right! Rotacist ca canny! He caun ne'er be bothered34
but maun e'er be waked. If there is a future in every past that is35
present Quis est qui non novit quinnigan and Qui quae quot at36