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plais. The said Sully, a barracker associated with tinkers, the1
blackhand, Shovellyvans, wreuter of annoyimgmost letters and2
skirriless ballets in Parsee Franch who is Magrath's thug and3
smells cheaply of Power's spirits, like a deepsea dibbler, and he is4
not fit enough to throw guts down to a bear. Sylphling me5
when is a maid nought a maid he would go to anyposs length6
for her! So long, Sulleyman! If they cut his nose on the stitcher7
they had their siven good reasons. Here's to the leglift of my8
snuff and trout stockangt henkerchoff, orange fin with a mosaic9
of dispensations and a froren black patata, from my church milli-10
ner. When Lynch Brother, Withworkers, Friends and Company11
with T. C. King and the Warden of Galway is prepared to12
stretch him sacred by the powers to the starlight, L.B.W. Hemp,13
hemp, hurray! says the captain in the moonlight. I could put14
him under my pallyass and slepp on him all nights as I would15
roll myself for holy poly over his borrowing places. How we will16
make laugh over him together, me and my Riley in the Vickar's17
bed! Quink! says I. He cawls to me Granny-stream-Auborne18
when I am hiding under my hair from him and I cool him my19
Finnyking he's so joyant a bounder. Plunk! said he. Inasmuch20
as I am delightful to be able to state, with the joy of lifing in my21
forty winkers, that a handsome sovereign was freely pledged22
in their pennis in the sluts maschine, alonging wath a cherry-23
wickerkishabrack of maryfruit under Shadow La Rose, to both24
the legintimate lady performers of display unquestionable, Elsebett25
and Marryetta Gunning, H2O, by that noblesse of leechers at26
his Saxontannery with motto in Wwalshe's ffrenchllatin: O'Neill27
saw Queen Molly's pants: and much admired engraving, meaning28
complet manly parts during alleged recent act of our chief29
mergey margey magistrades, five itches above the kneecap, as30
required by statues. V.I.C.5.6. If you won't release me stop to31
please me up the leg of me. Now you see! Respect. S.V.P.32
Your wife. Amn. Anm. Amm. Ann.33
          You wish to take us, Frui Mria, by degrees, as artis litterarum- 34
que patrona but I am afraid, my poor woman of that same35
name, what with your silvanes and your salvines, you are misled.36