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          How voice you that, nice Sandy man? Not large goodman 1
is he, Sandy nice. Ask him this one minute upthrow inner lotus2
of his burly ear womit he dropped his Bass's to P flat. And for3
that he was allaughed? And then baited? The whole gammat?4
          Loonacied! Marterdyed!! Madwakemiherculossed!!! Ju- 5
dascessed!!!! Pairaskivvymenassed!!!!! Luredogged!!!!!! And,6
needatellye, faulscrescendied!!!!!!!7
          Dias domnas! Dolled to dolthood? And Annie Delittle, 8
his daintree diva, in deltic dwilights, singing him henpecked rusish9
through the bars? My Wolossay's wild as the Crasnian Sea!10
Grabashag, groogy, scoop and I'll cure ye! Mother of emeralds,11
ara poog neighbours!12
          Capilla, Rubrilla and Melcamomilla! Dauby, dauby, with- 13
out dulay! Well, I beg to traverse same above statement by saxy14
luters in their back haul of Coalcutter what reflects upon my15
administrants of slow poisoning as my dodear devere revered16
mainhirr was confined to guardroom, I hindustand, by my pint17
of his Filthered pilsens bottle due to Zenaphiah Holwell, H and18
J. C. S, Which I was bringing up my quee parapotacarry's orders19
in my sedown chair with my mudfacepacket from my cash20
chemist and family drugger, Surager Dowling, V.S. to our aural21
surgeon, Afamado Hairductor Achmed Borumborad, M.A.C.A,22
Sahib, of a 1001 Ombrilla Street, Syringa padham, Alleypulley, to23
see what was my watergood, my mesical wasserguss, for repairs24
done by bollworm in the rere of pilch knickers, seven yerds to25
his galandhar pole on perch, together with his for me unfillable26
slopper, property of my deeply forfear revebereared, who is costing27
us mostfortunes which I am writing in mepetition to Kavanagh28
Djanaral, when he was sitting him humpbacked in dryfilthy-29
heat to his trinidads pinslers at their orpentings, entailing a30
laxative tendency to mary, especially with him being forbidden31
fruit and certified by his sexular clergy to have as badazmy32
emotional volvular, with a basketful of priesters crossing the33
singorgeous to aroint him with tummy moor's maladies, and34
thereinafter liable to succumb when served with letters potent35
below the belch, if my rupee repure riputed husbandship H.R.R.36