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          Were you with Sindy and Sandy attending Goliath, a bull? 1
          You'd make me sag what you like to. I was intending a 2
funeral. Simply and samply.3
          They are too wise of solbing their silbings? 4
          And both croon to the same theme. 5
          Tugbag is Baggut's, when a crispin sokolist besoops juts 6
kamps or clapperclaws an irvingite offthedocks. A luckchange, I7
see. Thinking young through the muddleage spread, the moral8
fat his mental leans on. We can cop that with our straat that is9
called corkscrewed. It would be the finest boulevard billy for a10
mile in every direction, from Lismore to Cape Brendan, Patrick's,11
if they took the bint out of the mittle of it. You told of a tryst12
too, two a tutu. I wonder now, without releasing seeklets of the13
alcove, turturs or raabraabs, have I heard mention of whose name14
anywhere? Mallowlane or Demaasch? Strike us up either end15
Have You Erred off Van Homper or Ebell Teresa Kane.16
          Marak! Marak! Marak! 17
    He drapped has draraks an Mansianhase parak 18
    And he had ta barraw tha watarcrass shartclaths aff the ark- 19
bashap af Yarak!20
          Braudribnob's on the bummel? 21
          And lillypets on the lea. 22
          A being again in becomings again. From the sallies to 23
the allies through their central power?24
          Pirce! Perce! Quick! Queck! 25
          O Tara's thrush, the sharepusher! And he said he was only 26
taking the average grass temperature for green Thurdsday, the27
blutchy scaliger! Who you know the musselman, his muscle28
mum and mistlemam? Maomi, Mamie, My Mo Mum! He loves29
a drary lane. Feel Phylliscitations to daff Mr Hairwigger who30
has just hadded twinned little curls! He was resting between31
horrockses' sheets, wailing for white warfare, prooboor welsht-32
breton, and unbiassed by the embarrassment of disposal but, the33
first woking day, by Thunder, he stepped into the breach and put34
on his recriution trousers and riding apron in Baltic Bygrad, the35
old soggy, was when the bold bhuoys of Iran wouldn't join up.36