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that first liar. Let us hear, therefore, as you honour and obey the1
queen, whither the indwellingness of that which shamefieth be2
entwined of one or atoned of two. Let us hear, Art simplicissime!3
          Dearly beloved brethren: Bruno and Nola, leymon bogholders 4
and stationary lifepartners off orangey Saint Nessau Street, were5
explaining it avicendas all round each other ere yesterweek out6
of Ibn Sen and Ipanzussch. When himupon Nola Bruno mono-7
polises his egobruno most unwillingly seses by the mortal powers8
alionola equal and opposite brunoipso, id est, eternally provoking9
alio opposite equally as provoked as Bruno at being eternally10
opposed by Nola. Poor omniboose, singalow singelearum: so11
is he!12
          One might hear in their beyond that lionroar in the air 13
again, the zoohoohoom of Felin make Call. Bruin goes to Noble,14
aver who is? If is itsen? Or you mean Nolans but Volans, an15
alibi, do you Mutemalice, suffering unegoistically from the singular16
but positively enjoying on the plural? Dustify of that sole, you17
breather! Ruemember, blither, thou must lie!18
          Oyessoyess! I never dramped of prebeing a postman but 19
I mean in ostralian someplace, mults deeply belubdead; my20
allaboy brother, Negoist Cabler, of this city, whom 'tis better21
ne'er to name, my said brother, the skipgod, expulled for22
looking at churches from behind, who is sender of the Hullo23
Eve Cenograph in prose and worse every Allso's night. High24
Brazil Brandan's Deferred, midden Erse clare language, Nought-25
noughtnought nein. Assass. Dublire, per Neuropaths. Punk.26
Starving today plays punk opening tomorrow two plays punk27
wire splosh how two plays punk Cabler. Have you forgotten28
poor Alby Sobrinos, Geoff, you blighter, identifiable by the29
necessary white patch on his rear? How he went to his swilters-30
land after his lungs, my sad late brother, before his coglionial31
expancian? Won't you join me in a small halemerry, a bottle of32
the best, for wellmet Capeler, united Irishmen, what though pre-33
ferring the stranger, the coughs and the itches and the minnies34
and the ratties the opulose and bilgenses, for of his was the35
patriots mistaken. The heart that wast our Graw McGree!36