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your iberborealic imagination, when it's quicker than this quack-1
ing that you might, bar accidens, be very largely substituted in2
potential secession from your next life by a complementary char-3
acter, voices apart? Upjack! I shudder for your thought! Think!4
Put from your mind that and take on trust this. The next word5
depends on your answer.6
          I'm thinking to, thogged be thenked! I was just trying to 7
think when I thought I felt a flea. I might have. I cannot say for8
it is of no significance at all. Once or twice when I was in odin-9
burgh with my addlefoes, Jake Jones, the handscabby, when I10
thinkled I wore trying on my garden substisuit, boy's apert, at11
my nexword nighboor's, and maybe more largely nor you12
quosh yet you, messmate, realise. A few times, so to shape, I chanced13
to be stretching, in the shadow as I thought, the liferight out14
of myself in my ericulous imaginating. I felt feeling a half Scotch15
and pottage like roung my middle ageing like Bewley in the16
baste so that I indicate out to myself and I swear my gots how17
that I'm not meself at all, no jolly fear, when I realise bimiselves18
how becomingly I to be going to become.19
          O, is that the way with you, you craythur? In the becom- 20
ing was the weared, wontnat! Hood maketh not frere. The voice21
is the voice of jokeup, I fear. Are you imitation Roma now or22
Amor now. You have all our empathies, eh, Mr Trickpat, if you23
don't mind, that is, aside from sings and mush, answering to my24
straight question?25
          God save the monk! I won't mind this is, answering to 26
your strict crossqueets, whereas it would be as unethical for me27
now to answer as it would have been nonsensical for you then28
not to have asked. Same no can, home no will, gangin I am.29
Gangang is Mine and I will return. Out of my name you call me,30
Leelander. But in my shelter you'll miss me. When Lapac walks31
backwords he's darkest horse in Capalisoot. You knew me once32
but you won't know me twice. I am simpliciter arduus, ars of33
the schoo, Freeday's child in loving and thieving.34
          My child, know this! Some portion of that answer appears 35
to have been token by you from the writings of Saint Synodius,36