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force, owning my mansuetude before him attaching Audeon's3
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offering meye eyesalt, what I (the person whomin I now am) did5
not do, how he to say essied anding how he was making errand6
andanding how he all locutey sunt, why did you, my sexth best7
friend, blabber always you would be so delated to back me, then8
ersed irredent, toppling Humphrey hugging Nephew, old begge-9
laut, designing such post sitting his night office? Annexing then,10
producing Saint Momuluius, you snub around enclosing your11
moving motion touching the other catachumens continuing say12
providing append of signature quoniam you will celebrand my13
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your dimned chink, before avtokinatown, forasmuch as many16
have tooken in hand to, I may as well humbly correct that ves-17
pian now in case of temporalities. I've my pockets full comeplay18
of you laycreated cardonals, ap rince, ap rowler, ap rancer, ap19
rowdey! Improperial! I saved you fore of the Hekkites and you20
loosed me hind bland Harry to the burghmote of Aud Dub. I21
teachet you in fair time, my elders, the W.X.Y.Z. and P.Q.R.S. of22
legatine powers and you, Ailbey and Ciardeclan, I learn, episcop-23
ing me altogether, circumdeditioned me. I brought you from the24
loups of Lazary and you have remembered my lapsus langways.25
Washywatchywataywatashy! Oirasesheorebukujibun! Wata-26
cooshy lot! Mind of poison is. That time thing think! Honorific27
remembrance to spit humble makes. My ruridecanal caste is a cut28
above you peregrines. Aye vouchu to rumanescu. See the leabhour29
of my generations! Has not my master, Theophrastius Spheropneu-30
maticus, written that the spirit is from the upper circle? I'm of the31
ochlocracy with Prestopher Palumbus and Porvus Parrio. Soa32
koa Kelly Terry per Chelly Derry lepossette. Ho look at my33
jailbrand Exquovis and sequencias High marked on me fake-34
similar in the foreign by Pappagallus and Pumpusmugnus:35
ahem! Anglicey: Eggs squawfish lean yoe nun feed marecurious.36