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Eddy's Christy, meaning Dodgfather, Dodgson and Coo) and1
spiriduous sanction!2
          Breeze softly. Aures are aureas. Hau's his naun? 3
          Me das has or oreils. Piercey, piercey, piercey, piercey! 4
          White eyeluscious and muddyhorsebroth! Pig Pursyriley! 5
But where do we get off, chiseller?6
          Haltstille, Lucas and Dublinn! Vulva! Vulva! Vulva! 7
          Macdougal, Atlantic City, or his onagrass that is, chuam 9
and coughan! I would go near identifying you from your stavro-10
tides, Jong of Maho, and the weslarias round your yokohahat.11
And that O'mulanchonry plucher you have from the worst12
curst of Ireland, Glwlwd of the Mghtwg Grwpp, is no use to13
you either, Johnny my donkeyschott. Number four, fix up your14
spreadeagle and pull your weight!15
          Hooshin hom to our regional's hin and the gander of 16
Hayden. Would ye ken a young stepschuler of psychical chiro-17
graphy, the name of Keven, or (let outers pray) Evan Vaughan,18
of his Posthorn in the High Street, that was shooing a Guiney19
gagag, Poulepinter, that found the dogumen number one, I20
would suggest, an illegible downfumbed by an unelgible?21
          If I do know sinted sageness? Sometimes he would keep 22
silent for a few minutes as if in prayer and clasp his forehead and23
during the time he would be thinking to himself and he would24
not mind anybody who would be talking to him or crying25
stinking fish. But I no way need you, stroke oar nor your quick26
handles. Your too farfar a cock of the north there, Matty Armagh,27
and your due south so.28
          South I see. You're up-in-Leal-Ulster and I'm-free-Down- 29
in-Easia, this is much better. He is cured by faith who is sick of30
fate. The prouts who will invent a writing there ultimately is the31
poeta, still more learned, who discovered the raiding there origin-32
ally. That's the point of eschatology our book of kills reaches33
for now in soandso many counterpoint words. What can't be34
coded can be decorded if an ear aye sieze what no eye ere grieved35
for. Now, the doctrine obtains, we have occasioning cause caus-36