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          Hail him heathen, heal him holystone! 1
    Courser, Recourser, Changechild .............. 2
    Eld es endall, earth .....................? 3
          A cataleptic mithyphallic! Was this Totem Fulcrum Est 4
Ancestor yu hald in Dies Eirae where no spider webbeth or5
Anno Mundi ere bawds plied in Skiffstrait? Be fair, Chris!6
          Dream. Ona nonday I sleep. I dreamt of a somday. Of a 7
wonday I shall wake. Ah! May he have now of here fearfilled8
me! Sinflowed, O sinflowed! Fia! Fia! Befurcht christ!9
          I have your tristich now; it recurs in three times the same 10
differently (there is such a fui fui story which obtains of him):11
comming nown from the asphalt to the concrete, from the human12
historic brute, Finnsen Faynean, occeanyclived, to this same13
vulganized hillsir from yours, Mr Tupling Toun of Morning14
de Heights, with his lavast flow and his rambling undergroands,15
would he reoccur Ad Horam, as old Romeo Rogers, in city or16
county, and your sure ob, or by, with or from an urb, of you17
know the differenciabus, as brauchbarred in apabhramsa, sierrah!18
We speak of Gun, the farther. And in the locative. Bap! Bap!19
          Ouer Tad, Hellig Babbau, whom certayn orbits assertant 20
re humeplace of Chivitats Ei, Smithwick, Rhonnda, Kaledon,21
Salem (Mass), Childers, Argos and Duthless. Well, I am advised22
he might in a sense be both nevertheless, every at man like my-23
self, suffix it to say, Abrahamsk and Brookbear! By him it was24
done bapka, by me it was gone into, to whom it will beblive,25
Mushame, Mushame! I am afraid you could not heave ahore one26
of your own old stepstones, barnabarnabarn, over a stumble-27
down wall here in Huddlestown to this classic Noctuber night28
but itandthey woule binge, much as vecious, off the dosshouse29
back of a racerider in his truetoflesh colours, either handicapped30
on her flat or barely repeating himself. That is a tiptip tim oldy31
faher now the man I go in fear of, Tommy Terracotta, and he32
could be all your and my das, the brodar of the founder of the33
father of the finder of the pfander of the pfunder of the furst man34
in Ranelagh, fué fué Petries and violet ice (I am yam, as Me35
and Tam Tower used to jagger pemmer it, over at the house of36