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ning two lay payees. Norsker. Her raven flag was out, the1
slaver. I trow pon good, jordan's scaper, good's barnet and2
trustyman. Crouch low, you pigeons three! Say, call that girl with3
the tan tress awn! Call Wolfhound! Wolf of the sea. Folchu!4
          Very good now. That folklore's straight from the ass his 6
mouth. I will crusade on with the parent ship, weather prophet-7
ting, far away from those green hills, a station, Ireton tells me,8
bonofide for keeltappers, now to come to the midnight middy9
on this levantine ponenter. From Daneland sailed the oxeyed10
man, now mark well what I say.11
          Magnus Spadebeard, korsets krosser, welsher perfyddye. 12
A destroyer in our port. Signed to me with his baling scoop. Laid13
bare his breastpaps to give suck, to suckle me. Ecce Hagios14
          Oh, Jeyses, fluid! says the poisoned well. Futtfishy the 16
First. Hootchcopper's enkel at the navel manuvres!17
          Hep! Hello there, Bill of old Bailey! Whu's he? Whu's 18
this lad, why the pups?19
          Hunkalus Childared Easterheld. It's his lost chance, 20
Emania Ware him well.21
          Hey! Did you dream you were ating your own tripe, 22
acushla, that you tied yourself up that wrynecky fix?23
          I see now. We move in the beast circuls. Grimbarb and 24
pancercrucer! You took the words out of my mouth. A child's25
dread for a dragon vicefather. Hillcloud encompass us! You26
mean you lived as milky at their lyceum, couard, while you27
learned, volp volp, to howl yourself wolfwise. Dyb! Dyb! Do28
your best.29
          I am dob dob dobbling like old Booth's, courteous. The 30
cubs are after me, it zeebs, the whole totem pack, vuk vuk and31
vuk vuk to them, for Robinson's shield.32
          Scents and gouspils! The animal jangs again! Find the 33
fingall harriers! Here howl me wiseacre's hat till I die of the34
milkman's lupus!35
          What? Wolfgang? Whoah! Talk very slowe! 36