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I used to be always overthere on the fourth day at my grand-1
mother's place, Tear-nan-Ogre, my little grey home in the west,2
in or about Mayo when the long dog gave tongue and they3
coursing the marches and they straining at the leash. Tortoise-4
shell for a guineagould! Burb! Burb! Burb! Follow me up5
Tucurlugh! That's the place for the claire oysters, Polldoody,6
County Conway. I never knew how rich I was like another story in7
the zoedone of the zephyros, strolling and strolling, carrying my8
dragoman, Meads Marvel, thass withumpronouceable tail, along9
the shore. Do you know my cousin, Mr Jasper Dougal that10
keeps the Anchor on the Mountain, the parson's son, Jasper of11
the Tuns, Pat Whateveryournameis?12
          Dood and I dood. The wolves of Fochlut! By Whydoyou- 13
callme? Do not flingamejig to the twolves!14
          Turcafiera amd that's a good wan right enough! Wooluvs 15
no less!16
          One moment now, if I foreshorten the bloss on your 17
bleather. Encroachement spells erosion. Dunlin and turnstone18
augur us where, how and when best as to burial of carcass, fuse-19
lage of dump and committal of noisance. But, since you invocate20
austers for the trailing of vixens, I would like to send a cormo-21
rant around this blue lagoon. Tell me now this. You told my22
larned friend rather previously, a moment since, about this mound23
or barrow. Now I suggest to you that ere there was this plague-24
burrow, as you seem to call it, there was a burialbattell, the boat25
of millions of years. Would you bear me out in that, relatively26
speaking, with her jackstaff jerking at her pennyladders, why27
not, and sizing a fair sail, knowest thout the kind? The Pourquoi28
Pas, bound for Weissduwasland, that fourmaster barquentine,29
Webster says, our ship that ne're returned. The Frenchman, I say,30
was an orangeboat. He is a boat. You see him. The both how31
you see is they! Draken af Danemork! Sacked it or ate it? What!32
Hennu! Spake ab laut!33
          Couch, cortege, ringbarrow, dungcairn. Beseek the runes 34
and see the longurn! Allmaun away when you hear the gang-35
horn. And meet Nautsen. Ess Ess. O ess. Warum night! Con-36