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          I see. Very good now. It is in your orangery, I take it, you 1
have your letters. Can you hear here me, you sir?2
          Throsends. For my darling. Typette! 3
          So long aforetime? Can you hear better? 4
          Millions. For godsends. For my darling dearling one. 5
          Now, to come nearer zone; I would like to raise my 6
deuterous point audibly touching this. There is this maggers.7
I am told by our interpreter, Hanner Esellus, that there are fully8
six hundred and six ragwords in your malherbal Magis lande-9
guage in which wald wand rimes alpman and there is resin in all10
roots for monarch but yav hace not one pronouncable teerm that11
blows in all the vallums of tartallaght to signify majestate, even12
provisionally, nor no rheda rhoda or torpentine path or halluci-13
nian via nor aurellian gape nor sunkin rut nor grossgrown trek14
nor crimeslaved cruxway and no moorhens cry or mooner's15
plankgang there to lead us to hopenhaven. Is such the unde deri-16
vatur casematter messio! Frankly. Magis megis enerretur mynus17
hoc intelligow.18
          How? C'est mal prononsable, tartagliano, perfrances. Vous 19
n'avez pas d'o dans votre boche provenciale, mousoo. Je m'in-20
cline mais Moy jay trouvay la clee dang les champs. Hay sham nap21
poddy velour, come on!22
          Hep there! Commong, sa na pa de valure? Whu's teit dans 23
yur jambs? Whur's that inclining and talkin about the messiah24
so cloover? A true's to your trefling! Whure yu!25
          Trinathan partnick dieudonnay. Have you seen her? 26
Typette, my tactile O!27
          Are you in your fatherick, lonely one? 28
          The same. Three persons. Have you seen my darling only 29
one? I am sohohold!30
          What are yu shevering about, ultramontane, like a houn? 31
Is there cold on ye, doraphobian? Or do yu want yur primafairy32
          The woods of fogloot! O mis padredges! 34
          Whisht awhile, greyleg! The duck is rising and you'll wake 35
that stand of plover. I know that place better than anyone. Sure,36