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dianablowing, wild as wild, the mockingbird whose word is1
misfortune, so 'tis said, the bulbul down the wind.2
    The proto was traipsing through the tangle then, Mathew 3
Walker, godsons' goddestfar, deputising for gossipocracy,4
and his station was a few perch to the weatherside of the5
knoll Asnoch and it was from no other place unless there, how6
and ever, that he proxtended aloof upon the ether Mesmer's7
Manuum, the hand making silence. The buckos beyond on the lea,8
then stopped wheresoever they found their standings and that way9
they set ward about him, doing obedience, nod, bend, bow and10
curtsey, like the watchers of Prospect, upholding their broad-11
awake prober's hats on their firrum heads, the travelling court on12
its findings circuiting that personer in his fallen. And a crack quat-13
youare of stenoggers they made of themselves, solons and psy-14
chomorers, all told, with their hurts and daimons, spites and15
clops, not even to the seclusion of their beast by them that was16
the odd trick of the pack, trump and no friend of carrots. And,17
what do you think, who should be laying there above all other18
persons forenenst them only Yawn! All of asprawl he was laying19
too amengst the poppies and, I can tell you something more than20
that, drear writer, profoundly as you may bedeave to it, he was21
oscasleep asleep. And it was far more similar to a satrap he lay there22
with unctuous beauty all surrounded, the poser, or for whatall I23
know like Lord Lumen, coaching his preferred constellations in24
faith and doctrine, for old Matt Gregory, 'tis he had the starmenag-25
erie, Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalfe Tarpey and the mack26
that never forgave the ass that lurked behind him, Jonny na27
    More than their good share of their five senses ensorcelled 29
you would say themselves were, fuming censor, the way they30
could not rightly tell their heels from their stools as they cooched31
down a mamalujo by his cubical crib, as question time drew32
nighing and the map of the souls' groupography rose in relief33
within their quarterings, to play tops or kites or hoops or marbles,34
curchycurchy, gawking on him, for the issuance of his pnum and35
softnoising one of them to another one, the boguaqueesthers.36