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at first hands on, as no es nada, our greatly misunderstood one1
we perceived to give himself some sort of a hermetic prod or2
kick to sit up and take notice, which acted like magic, while3
the phalanx of daughters of February Filldyke, embushed and4
climbing, ramblers and weeps, voiced approval in their customary5
manner by dropping kneedeep in tears over their concelebrated6
meednight sunflower, piopadey boy, their solase in dorckaness,7
and splattering together joyously the plaps of their tappyhands8
as, with a cry of genuine distress, so prettly prattly pollylogue,9
they viewed him, the just one, their darling, away.10
    A dream of favours, a favourable dream. They know how they 11
believe that they believe that they know. Wherefore they wail.12
    Eh jourd'weh! Oh jourd'woe! dosiriously it psalmodied. Gues- 13
turn's lothlied answring to-maronite's wail.14
    Oasis, cedarous esaltarshoming Leafboughnoon! 15
    Oisis, coolpressus onmountof Sighing! 16
    Oasis, palmost esaltarshoming Gladdays! 17
    Oisis, phantastichal roseway anjerichol! 18
    Oasis, newleavos spaciosing encampness! 19
    Oisis, plantainous dewstuckacqmirage playtennis! 20
    Pipetto, Pipetta has misery unnoticed! 21
    But the strangest thing happened. Backscuttling for the hop 22
off with the odds altogether in favour of his tumbling into the23
river, Jaun just then I saw to collect from the gentlest weaner24
among the weiners, (who by this were in half droopleaflong25
mourning for the passing of the last post) the familiar yellow26
label into which he let fall a drop, smothered a curse, choked a27
guffaw, spat expectoratiously and blew his own trumpet. And next28
thing was he gummalicked the stickyback side and stamped the29
oval badge of belief to his agnelows brow with a genuine30
dash of irrepressible piety that readily turned his ladylike31
typmanzelles capsy curvy (the holy scamp!), with half a32
glance of Irish frisky (a Juan Jaimesan hastaluego) from under33
the shag of his parallel brows. It was then he made as if be34
but waved instead a handacross the sea as notice to quit while35
the pacifettes made their armpacts widdershins (Frida! Freda!36